The first awards exclusively for boutique hotels launched

Boutique Hotel Awards Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the first annual Boutique Hotel Awards, which represent the pinnacle of achievement for boutique hotels worldwide.

Application closing date: 1 September 2011.

The Awards aim to showcase the finest boutique hotels from around the world and reward them with the recognition and acclaim that they rightly deserve. In the ever-homogenising world of globalised brands and international hotel chains, a truly individual experience is a rare find.

However, a boutique hotel offers just that – uniqueness. An excellent boutique hotel will, through its own style, culture and character, offer its guests an inimitable travel experience whilst indulging them with world-class services and facilities.

In recent years the market growth for boutique hotels has outstripped that of international chains, a testament to the increasing number of travellers choosing individuality over familiarity. Despite its successes, the victories for the boutique section of the hotel market are modest compared to its big-business alternatives. Without an internationally recognisable brand and imposing market presence, many boutique hotels still struggle to demonstrate their undeniable quality.

In response to this industry need, the Boutique Hotel Awards represents the first and only awards scheme exclusively dedicated to recognising unique excellence within the nuanced sector of boutique hotels.

Outstanding boutique hotels are nominated throughout the year by guests and other industry participants. Applicants compete for an award in one of six categories.

Categories are:

* Best Beach and Coastal Hotel
* Best Classic Hotel or Castle
* Best City Hotel
* Best Design Hotel
* Best Honeymoon Hotel
* Best Spa Resort

Selected hotels then go through a rigorous assessment process. Our carefully assembled expert team of hotel judges evaluate each hotel, based on five criteria of excellence, with a maximum score of 100.

Hotels will be judged on:

* Design and concept
* Dining and Entertainment
* Facilities
* Location
* Service

A Boutique Hotel Award winner’s service will be intuitive, their environment intimate and their experience priceless. Winning a Boutique Hotel Award represents the pinnacle of achievement for boutique hotels and their staff. It celebrates an outstanding contribution to their guests and their industry more widely.

Given the unique and individual nature of boutique hotels, the Boutique Hotel Awards also provide a benchmark of excellence for the discerning customer – a bright signifier of quality amongst a growing number of booking agencies who, having recognised market trends, are now specialising in luxury boutique hotels.

The 2011 Boutique Hotel Awards process is currently underway and nominations can be made up until 1 September 2011. This year’s finalists will be announced on 15 September and the winners will be announced on the 25 October.

To find out more about the Awards, to participate in the process, or to nominate your favourite boutique hotel visit us at: