LHW Launches Comprehensive Re-Branding Campaign

In its continued effort to preserve, enhance and invent the art of independent hotel-keeping, The Leading Hotels of the World has implemented a comprehensive re-branding with a vibrant advertising  campaign, a new logo, and a completely revamped hotel directory.

New Branding Campaign

According to Ted Teng, president and CEO of LHW, “The branding campaign is absolutely consistent with our strategy – one that is in fact deeply rooted in our history – that is to champion independent luxury hotels, those that offer a truly unique and authentic experience rather than a corporate mandated sameness. The primary tagline – All Kinds of One-of-A-Kind — conveys the true spirit of our very individual hotels, while bringing them together under one umbrella.”

Additionally, the campaign focuses on the “sweet spot” that LHW can firmly claim in the marketplace – the space where luxury, global scale, and independent-minded hotels intersect.  A secondary tagline has been developed to communicate this very message: The World’s Largest Collection of Utterly Unique, Boldly Independent Luxury Hotels.

New Logo

Earlier this year, the organization also unveiled an entirely new corporate logo, the first in decades.  “It is an ideal time to introduce a fresh look and feel to our organization.  We are very excited about the new logo and believe that it accurately reflects the revitalized, more contemporary nature of our company, while paying homage to our great heritage and tradition, which dates back to 1928,” added Claudia Kozma Kaplan, LHW’s senior vice president, marketing.

New Hotel Directory

As part of the brand’s make-over, the latest edition of the Directory of The Leading Hotels of the World was also completely redesigned both visually and editorially, and transformed to provide inspiration to guests and entice them to experience an array of very diverse hotels. “When we looked at the directory, we really questioned its relevance,” Mr. Teng commented.

Basic information can always be found on the website.  The directory, on the other hand, has been made more meaningful for customers and hotels alike. “Its purpose is more inspirational, to motivate travelers to embark on enriching journeys of discovery – of far-off places, intriguing traditions, and alluring cultures.”

In this edition, for the first time ever, LHW pays tribute to the tradition of the family-owned property. There are twenty-three pages dedicated to providing family histories of owners of some of the most legendary Leading Hotels, many for at least three generations.  “It is personal stories about passionate individuals like these which really set the organization apart,” Mr. Teng concluded.

The new branding campaign was created in collaboration with Manhattan-based AgencySacks, a full-service marketing firm which targets affluent and aspirational consumers.