Visiting Norway in summer

Europe Visiting Norway in summer written by admin May 18, 2018

Norway is one of those countries in Europe that you can visit at any time of the year and know that you will have a great time. However, summer is still the best time to visit; anytime from May to August when the temperature is mild and room rates drop a bit. And there is no better part of Norway to visit than Oslo. During spring and summer, Oslo can experience almost 24 hours of daylight, with the spectacular midnight sun that appears in June or July. If you are plan on spending your holiday abroad during this period, plan to spend some time of it in Oslo.

Here are some things you can do in this beautiful city during the summer:

Visit the viking ship museum – The Viking ship museum is one place that must be on your to see list when you visit Oslo. Here, you will see two of the best preserved wooden Viking ships from the 9th century. One of these ships is the beautiful Oseberg believed to be the resting place of an ancient Viking queen who was buried along with her belongings to help on her journey into the afterlife. Another is the ancient warship Gokstad which equally dates back to sometime in the 9th century.

Sail on the fjord – Possibly one of the most popular ways to experience the grandeur of Norway is by taking a sail on its fjords as you cruise past sheer mountains. Circus Event offers cruises on the fjord (as well as great Norwegian Entertainment for you away from the water) that covers the country coastline and waterways. There are several places you will want to see such as the Vøringsfossen, a waterfall that is more than 500 feet high and a cruise through Sognefjord where at more than 4000 feet; you will come across some of the sheerest mountain faces in Norway.

Spend some time at the Open Air Museum in Oslo – Open air museum or folk museum is one of the most popular attractions in Oslo. The museum is most entertaining in the summer when it comes alive with costumed inhabitants and even farm animals. If you find yourself here, ensure that you don’t miss the folk dancing which takes place every hour. Also try to pay a visit to the Stave church close by and the many old fashioned shops in the area.

Visit the Opera House –The Opera House is another very popular attraction in Oslo. Looking very much like a glacier emerging from the fjord, the opera house was built in such a way that people can talk a walk on any part of the structure including the roof. If an opera presentation is not to your liking, you may enjoy spending some time on the roof with breathtaking views of the skyline and landscape for company.

See the midnight sun via cable car – The midnight sun is one of the most popular phenomena of Norway in summer, and you can experience this midnight sun first hand. Simply take a cable car ride 1300 feet in the air to the observation deck that promises magnificent views of the Tromso and surrounding islands. In spring and summer, the cable car operates until one in the morning, which gives you enough time to arrive at the top and watch the midnight sun.