MANOS CONSOLE: “Greece needs to acquire the strategic plan for the development of the cruise”

In the programmatic proposals of the New Republic for the development of the cruise was mentioned by the head of the Sector of Tourism and a Member of the Dodecanese, mr. Manos Κόνσολας, during his speech at the conference organized by the online maritime journal, The Sea Nation for the next day of the cruise at the Eugenides Foundation with the theme: “Greek CLUSTER cruise: The next day”.

Mr. Κόνσολας pointed out that in 2017 and 2018 were two bad years for the cruise, stressing that it recorded a steady shift of the cruise from the Eastern to the Western Mediterranean, and rise of the market in Asia.

“Greece can not claim a greater share in the global market cruise, why not have a strategy over time, with a beginning, a middle and an end. A strategy that will exceed the time horizon of a government mandate”, stressed the head of the Sector of Tourism of the New Republic.

Referring to the example of Barcelona, which invested in the cruise, mr Κόνσολας pointed out that, all of the above, it could be done in Greece, since there is no institutional framework for the concession of port facilities to companies operating in the sector of the cruise in order to invest and build infrastructure.

Heralded the creation of a new regulatory framework, the government of the New Republic, which will attract investments for the development of the cruise, for the upgrading of services and strengthening the competitiveness of the port which are the destination of a cruise.

The programmatic proposal of the New Republic presented by Manos Κόνσολας includes:

1st: The transformation of Greece into a hub of the Eastern Mediterranean for a cruise with six (6) major ports home ports (Piraeus, Heraklion, Corfu, Rhodes, Katakolon, Lavrio).

The goal is 5,000 approaches for cruise ships, with a large part of them consists of cruise ships of new generation, to 500,000 passengers through Homeporting and 6.500.000 passengers Transit.

2nd: The concession, with long-term contracts, to companies with cruise port facilities to invest in infrastructure, but also to be upgraded, spectacular, the services on the cruise.

3rd: the lifting of The disincentives for the cruise, along with taking the initiative for a new community framework for taxation of the cruise.

Today, it can be a round trip cruise with a right of transit, with the result that many cruises now, become intra-community something that means a lot of extra and increased taxation, and a reduction in the competitiveness of the cruise.

4th: The upgrading of the role of the National Steering Committee for the Cruise, which will be able to take decisions in the direction of the configuration and implementation of a comprehensive policy of aid of the cruise.

Today, this Committee, essentially, is inactive and without a role.

5th: create a modern service and promotion of the cruise in the Greek destinations, with the cooperation of the State, the APRC, the government, and the private initiative.

6th: upgrade the level of services, Customs, Coast guard and Police to be served directly, quickly and with no hassle for the guests of cruise ships and the support of the staff and of the electronic infrastructure of the consulates in countries outside the Schengen area, and particularly in China, Russia and Turkey, in order to facilitate the process of providing visa.