The Celestyal Cruises has been awarded for another year in the Cruise Critic UK Editors’ Picks Awards 2018

Leslie Peden (CCO), Adam Coulter, and the group of Celestyal Cruises

H company won the award for “Best Service“, singling out for even once, for the high quality of the hosting services, which offers passengers of

The Celestyal Cruises, which aims constantly to improve the services offered so that the passengers can enjoy warm hospitality onboard, proudly announces that it won the award “Best Service” at the 10th award ceremony UK Editors’ Picks Awards 2018, organized annually by the specialized web site Cruise Critic®. Awards Editors’ Picks Awards are based solely on ratings and the objective expertise of the editors of Cruise Critic®, who have personal experiences and specialized knowledge in the industry. The website Cruise Critic®, with more than 350,000 reviews covering approximately 700 cruise ships and more than 500 ports worldwide, is helping travelers to choose the ideal cruise for them, between more and more options.

Mr Chris Theophilides, Ceo of Celestyal Cruises said: “We are very happy about this distinction, as evidenced by the recognition of the quality of our hospitality by industry experts, giving us the impetus to raise the bar even higher and to continue the hard work in order to meet the needs of our passengers“.

“It’s the little things such as the person in charge of the cabin that makes little animals with the towels, because you mentioned that your kids love them, the waiter who helps your child with his plate at the buffet, but the tour team that escapes from the mainstream to offer you a memorable experience shaped specifically for your needs, make a cruise company stands out in the area of service. Cruising with Celestyal Cruises you feel so familiar, as at home.” said mr. Adam Coulter, Editor of Cruise Critic UK.

The Celestyal Cruises is committed and for the new year, to offer separate hosting services to the passengers, who make up a multicultural puzzle 140 different nationalities from all the length and breadth of the Land, with the purpose of those to enjoy a relaxing vacation onboard and fascinating trips to destinations of their trip. With the new year, the company will return again in the ports of the Eastern Mediterranean, after years of absence. So, passengers will choose the brand-new cruises, you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with historical destinations, such as Alexandria, αγναντέψουν the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, or to indulge in the mystical charm of Meteora. At the same time, the Celestyal Cruises will continue to make the popular and favorite 3, 4 and 7 day cruises in the Aegean sea, offering even more visitors the opportunity to experience the warm, Greek hospitality, while 2019 would extend the period in which offers cruises at 8 weeks.