Orancon Group 2019 – Cake Cutting

When in the summer of 2018, the Spanish “Shore2Shore” asked for our cooperation I don’t know how it was gonna turn out, we weren’t prepared for this collaboration, we thought we would have asked for it for 2019. Today after 6 months we can say clearly that we won the bet.

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The 2018 was a great year.

With these words last Friday during an event for the cutting of the pie of the Group, the Stratis Eleftheriou, began the update of the associates for the year that has passed.

The Teta Φραγκιαδάκη, Mary, and associations etc, the Βαίος Ποντίκας, the Kalinka Zerva and end of the Stratis Eleftheriou, told, that, “the challenge” to accept the bet of the Spanish Shore2Shore, in the midst of a difficult year, due to the large volume of customers they had to serve, the group overexertion that you had to pay everybody and that ….. finally rewarded, he created a vast network throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, with scores more than positive and the Spanish Shore2Shore to continue to support even louder this cooperation.

In 96 days we created stations in 43 ports throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, εξυπηρετήσαμε 447 cruise ships and 17.635 passengers pointed out the Vaios Ποντίκας.

The shorex.gr as a Leader in this space for Greece, as the Stratis Eleftheriou, 2019, aims to become the go-between in the relations of the ports with the companies cruise ships.

For the Μγκοηιαη spiti and the huge success of the spoke to the director of the Teta Φραγκιαδάκη, visionary and creator of this successful activity.

For the same project, but the Mykonos Excursion spoke in detail and the Kalinka Zerva.

Objectives and a new project of Orancon Group for the 2019

  • First goal of the group for the 2019 H representation of a known airline, follow
  • The Spiti World, a network with members companies which have as their object tour, shorex, mice, and transfer.
  • The Albanian spiti With exclusive cooperation with the tourist organisation Balcan Pearls where the activities have started.
  • The Indian spiti will get the foundations of this year in order to proceed with the 2020.

Mr. Stratis Eleftheriou, finally, he spoke of the creation of the
ORANCON travel forum 2020. The Vision of the, as he said.

H Orancon Group will be the first tourist agency that will create its own annual forum with international participation and participation of the local authorities, guests, professionals from all over the world as well as students studying tourism. With the issues of tourism object, such as the cruise, alternative tourism, and other.

Last update made by the Stratis Eleftheriou left the Cretan spiti.

Our goal said the Bramble to become the “center of alternative Tourism
of Crete”.

Has already agreed the Shore2Shore, as we shook hands with the largest operator of Greece in this area. All the cruise ships would go to the Bush. There are just a few formalities with the authorities.

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