Wide meeting for Planning the work of the National Steering Committee Cruise

A broad meeting for the progress of the work of the National Steering Committee for the Cruise and for the planning of the next steps, was held at the Ministry of mercantile Marine and Island Policy. The meeting was attended by the Minister for the Marine and Island Policy Fotis Kouvelis, the Minister of Tourism, Elena Kountoura, Deputy Minister of Marine and Island Policy Nektarios Santorini, and the Secretary-General of Ports, Port Policy and Maritime Investment Christos Lampridis, the Secretary-General of Shipping, Dionysis Τεμπονέρας, the Secretary-General of Tourism Development and Policy, George Τζιάλας, representatives of operators, cruise and productive classes, and personal factors. Mr. Kouvelis raised two issues. The need to speed up the waterways, because the seaplanes will be supportive of the cruise, and the so-called υποπαραχωρήσεις. The relevant bill is in the General Secretariat of the Government, and I estimate that in the next few days will become the law of the state. According to the new bill in the 10 major ports of the country (with the exception of PPA and THPA have been other legislative regime) there will be the process of υποπαραχωρήσεων with international competitions on the basis of national and union law. Among the other recorded activities that have to do with the possibility of receiving investment cruise. It is a process that the government hastened, and I think that’s supportive of the cruise. The statistics show that we had an increase in the arrival of the passengers of the cruise. It configures the obligation to expedite the support of our ports to accept large cruise ships. In cooperation always with the Ministries of Tourism and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Shipping promotes all of these which will support the medium and long term the case of the cruise. The Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura was reported on the successful national tourism policy of the four years, that has brought excellent results and tourism recorded the highest historical performance of all time in all the tourist sizes. He pointed out that the 2018 ended with 33 million. international arrivals along with the cruise, and it was a year of record revenue. Referred to the close cooperation with the Ministry of mercantile Marine and Island Policy, as well as in the strategic moves of the Ministry of Tourism for the increase of the shares of Greece in the global market cruise, the development of tourist ports, and the dynamic global promotion of the cruise, yachting and scuba diving to enhance the image of our country as a leading attractive destination for marine tourism. The Minister stressed the crucial work in the development of marine tourism and the cruise, in particular, the National Coordinating Committee for the Cruise and again called in close cooperation in creating the conditions for even greater growth in the industry in order “Greece to gain the place it deserves as a powerful force in the marine tourism in the world tourist map”. Mr. Santorini has pointed out that it is a very important meeting of all stakeholders of the cruise to give directions and solutions around the issues. Mr. Santorini has also noted that “we have the unique polynesian area in the whole of Europe with the islands is one more beautiful than the other. So each island can be a potential destination cruise with two conditions: To respect the island and the ability to greet with the right infrastructure, the tourist and, of course, to do those υποδομείς need to be able to support the cruise, in addition to the promotion, undertaken by the ministry of Tourism.” Mr. Lampridis in his speech, he said that many of the issues that were included in the agenda of the CVTS significant progress has been made, whether these relate to harbour works, whether in settings and interventions. For this purpose, thanked the executives of the two Ministries which are the coordinators of the thematic groups, and members of the commission participating actively in the meetings of these groups. Yet he stressed that the next period of time, the CVTS will continue with the same mode of operation which turned out to be particularly productive.