MSC Cruises: With stops at Greek ports for the winter program of the 2020

The cruise company MSC Cruises announced a program to cruise with stops at Greek ports for the winter of 2020. In particular, the company will carry out the approaches in Rhodes and Crete, among other things, on a cruise in the eastern Mediterranean with the ship Magnifica winter season 2020/21.

The bookings for the new winter program have begun, while in the Mediterranean will also travel the new MSC Virtuosa with a focus on private islands in far flung destinations.

The MSC Virtuosa completes her maiden voyage in the Mediterranean in November 2020, with approaches to destinations such as Barcelona, Sicily and Malta.

The κρουαζερόπλοια of the MSC have recently captured the limelight as it will offer passengers a personal assistant voice command based on the artificial intelligence with the name Zoe.

Zoe will be serving guests in the cabins and will make it easier for them to serve their needs. Indeed, it has been programmed and trained to respond in more than 800 of the most frequently asked questions with thousands of different variations of each query.