The 10 Best Value for Money Travel Destinations of 2019

1. Vietnam

With neighboring Thailand being hit by over-tourism, Vietnam is constantly rising to the preferences of tourists heading south-east Asia to enjoy exotic beaches, mythical temples and authentic Asian flavors. In the capital of Hanoi, in the north of the country, you will admire the remnants of French colonial architecture and drink viscous local egg coffee for around 1.5 euros in one of the scenic cafes in the streets around Lake Hohn. You will taste delicious Vietnamese street food, such as nudels Phön soup, children’s chairs spread out on the sidewalks, among locals and artists who sing karaoke with a portable audio system! The famous local beer costs only a few cents here, and you will find a hostel bed for under 6 €.

The best deal, however, is offered by Phu Quoc, a green Vietnamese island in the Gulf of Thailand: A room at the Viet Than Resort, one of the liveliest and nicer on the popular Long Beach – in Banana, the palm grove and the cafe serving breakfast on the sand – will cost you about 17 € in the double room. Follow the fashion here and rent a motorbike to turn the distant beaches and waterfalls of the island with less than € 4 a day.

2. Turkey

With Turkish pounds at extremely low levels this year, holidays in neighboring Turkey are all the more appealing. Especially in areas such as Antalya, in the so-called Turkish Riviera, the summer lasts until mid-autumn, and despite some rainfall the temperature reaches 25 degrees. Ideally, rent a car and head to the peaceful seaside village of Çıralı, about 65 km from the airport.

If you are not the most economical campsite, you can stay in a tree house on the beach from 18 € per person with breakfast. Visit the adventurous archaeological site of Mount Olympus, next to the beach, at about 4.50 € and drink pomegranate juice in the hammocks under the trees. Especially in October we highly recommend a road trip along the coast to the dream lagoon of Ölüdeniz – where it becomes unbreakable in the summer, but at the end of the season you will swim in absolute tranquility alongside the sea turtles Caretta at very good prices. For inward adventures, try the natural “pools” of Pamukkale’s travertine, as well as Cappadocia, in central Anatolia, with the alpine volcanic “chimneys”.

3. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The fourth largest island of the Canary Islands, a few hundred kilometers from the coasts of Northwest Africa, combines over 200 km of coastline, groundbreaking art and unique volcanic landscapes in an economic package that is accompanied by sunshine all year round. Car rental here costs from 7-16 € per day, depending on the season – and you will travel to La Geria’s volcanic ash covered vineyards, admire the waves that crawl in the Los Hervideros caves, you will dive into the crystal clear waters of El Papagayo and cross the space landscape of the Timanfaya National Park.

Entrance to the impressive house of the famous local artist César Manrique, where the architecture is shaped by the lavas, is worth the 8 € entrance, but you will also find several incredible outdoor galleries to browse for free. In Lanzarote surfing is a big deal, and in villages like Caleta de Famara you will find schools like Lanzasurf, which offer surf fitness lessons for 10 € and stay in the modern apartments next to the beach from 20 € per person.

4. Mexico

Although air fares cost, Mexico is one of the cheapest solutions for visitors who want to explore Latin America. In Mexico City you will wander in historic neighborhoods like Coyoacán, featuring an impressive array of cafes, a local market to bargain souvenir prices, cheap street food like authentic tostadas, and amazing museums like Anahuacalli’s pre-Columbian art, with only 4 € per entrance.

Accommodation, food and beverages remain inexpensive and rich in color and history Oaxaca, a city full of cultural and gastronomic delights. If there is no cenote (underground lake) on the track you are traveling, head to the beach. In Puerto Escondido and sandy beaches such as Carrizalillo you will find a tropical hostel like the Tower Bridge just minutes from the beach, and with a swimming pool, approx. € 6 a bed.

5. Bulgaria

Starting from the incredibly cheap air tickets – you can find under 40 € in July – Bulgaria is next – and combines summer and winter pleasures. You will find very affordable holiday packages from the Black sea resorts to the ski resorts like Bansko. The capital Sofia is full of museums and cultural monuments such as the Cathedral, while modern restaurants such as Aubergine gourmet seafood dishes will cost you 6-9 € and a large glass of homemade beer 2.5 €.

Visit also historic cities such as Philippines – European Capital of Culture for 2019 – combining must-see attractions such as the atmospheric Roman Amphitheater, and active nightlife. In seaside towns such as the beautiful Nessebar, again, the deck chair costs somewhere around 5 €, but prices, including food and accommodation, become even more attractive in seaside resorts such as Pomorie.

6. South Africa

A country with fascinating contemporary history, lively music festivals, good local wine, dreamy road trips next to the waves – and, of course, affordable rates make South Africa one of the top value-for-money destinations. If you do well with the hostel and you love walking in nature you can spoil here less than 30 € a day. The emblematic Trapezoid Mountain reigns over Cape Town and offers breathtaking views and abundant activities in the homonymous National Park – such as the search for African Penguins in Boulders Beach!

You can travel almost everywhere in the city with mini bus – a naughty but authentic and efficient way of transport that will cost you from € 0.40-1.20. It is also worth a visit to the historic monuments of Robben Island, such as Nelson Mandela’s cell, which will cost you about 21 €. On the other hand, the all-day safari at Hluhluwe Umfolozi, near the Swaziland border, will cost you around € 62 with breakfast and lunch, including coffee and soft drinks.

7. Dominican Republic

Friendly residents, white sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees, rich tropical forests and dances in the meringue rhythms offer enchanting moments – from couples to ecotourism fans. Taste authentic rum or popular Presidente local beer at one of the beach bars next to the waves, and enjoy rich Dominican flavors at the local comedor to € 3.50-5. Transport with guagua vans will cost you less than 1 € (but make sure you get the price before entering!).

Discover the Ciudad Colonial in Santo Domingo, with colonial architecture dating back to the 16th century, or get lost in the mangrove forests and the nature of Akamar Samana. You can stay in a comfortable studio for two with a kitchen and a balcony in hotels like De Luz, for excursions to the paradise El Limón and elsewhere on the peninsula, with less than 30 €.

8. Morocco

From the bustling markets of Marrakech to the tangled cafes of Tangier and the Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains, cosmopolitan Morocco is full of tastes and colors that thrills the senses. Train trips here are trusted and economical – the seven-hour trip to Fes First Place (in order to definitely have an air conditioning!) Will cost you less than 30 €. The double room with breakfast in a lovely traditional rhythm in the city’s mint can cost you just 25 €. The atmosphere in the medieval souks is just intoxicating and the street food is delicious and dulcimer (choose with care!). Discover the estuary of Esau, from € 7 by Marrakech, where you can take relaxing walks alongside the traditional blue boats, photograph the camels by the sea, and see where the famous scenes of the Game of Thrones series . If you are staying in a rented or apartment apartment with a kitchen, it is better to buy fresh fish directly from a fisherman, as in restaurants here you can pay considerably more expensive.

9. India

While good hotels, or shopping in cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai will cost you more if you do not look for it, the vast India continues to pull travelers with budget. Street food is always cheap and affordable, and the stalls and the most economical hangouts of Chaupati Beach in Mumbai will cost you 3-7.5 €. A ricochet route in the city starts at € 0.23 per person. Popular Goa beaches, such as Palolem, remain a good option, but if you go north to Agonda you will find even better deals on accommodation. The Galaxys Beachhuts Hotel, with charming palm-shade chill and ocean views, costs some 28 € a night in the high season. Even in restaurants of five-star resorts in tropical Kerala, in the south of the country, such as Curries, you can savor gourmet local dishes for less than 20 €.

10. Lithuania

On the most upscale and economic destinations of Europe, Lithuania, and more specifically, the capital Vilnius will give you one of the best reasons for short escapes. With cheap air and two new flights a week from Athens to Vilnius, which starts with Ryanair and Aegean in the summer of 2018, you will admire a collection of baroque, neoclassical, gothic and Renaissance buildings in the old town cobblestone streets.

Go to the opposite side of the river, in the neighborhood of Užupis, to have coffee in bohemian hangouts and to photograph the art of the street. There you will find a variety of local beers to 2.5 € 0.5L, and Lithuanian dumplings didžkukuliai to 4 € in hospitable pubs like Šnekutis. Other Lithuanian cities such as Kaunas are of great interest, while heading for the beautiful Nida, where you will walk the dunes of Krononi Ammos, separating the Kouronian lagoon from the Baltic.

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