This is the most popular cuisine in the world

What are the most popular dishes

The Italian food is officially the most popular cuisine in the world. In international research, YouGov asked more than 25,000 people in 24 countries, to say which of the 34 national cuisines that have tried them liked or didn’t like it.

The numbers showed that the pizza and pasta were among the most popular dishes in the world, the Italian cuisine has average popularity with an 84% in all the countries that participated in the survey.

Of course, the biggest fans of Italian food was the same the Italians, with 99% of respondents from Italy say that enjoy the national dishes. In the preferences of the Italians, followed by Spanish cuisine, with 94% and the French cuisine with 92%.

The second most popular cuisine, in accordance with the findings of the research, it is the chinese, which has a rate of 78% as reported by the Athens News Agency.

The Chinese at the rate of 95% replied that they prefer their own recipes. The chinese cuisine they have chosen in 94% of the respondents from Singapore and at a rate of 91% from Hong Kong.

The third most popular cuisine in the world is the japanese with a rate of 71%. Follow the thai 70%, French 70%, Spanish 68% and the us with 68%.

The Greek kitchen is in 12th place with a percentage of 56%.

The peruvian cuisine has garnered the lowest preferences, according to research by You Gov, with a rate of 32%. Penultimate is the Finnish cuisine with a marginal difference, as noted in a report in the british newspaper “The Independent”.

The Japanese are the nationality with the most negative view of the kitchen in another country, in particular, only 11% of Japanese say that they like the cuisine of Saudi Arabia.

In fact, the investigation shows that the Japanese are the most strict judges, as well as 23 of the 34 countries were rated with rates below 50%.