Celestyal Cruises: The Greek cruise starts this year on March 15!

In parallel completed renovation work of the ship carried out exclusively by Greek specialized companies

The Celestyal Cruises, in the context of systematic efforts for the extension of the tourism season begins this year, the cruises on March 15, two weeks earlier than 2018, offering three to four nights, with the popular routes ‘Images of the Aegean, while the complete two weeks later, i.e. a total of a month or more. Respectively, included in the seven day cruises will begin on 12 April and will be completed on 2 January 2020, i.e. a total of achieved lengthening of the tourist period by 8 weeks.

At the same time, the company is aiming at the continuous upgrading of the experience of the travellers onboard, has moved to an expanded renovation program for the suites of the Celestyal Crystal and upgrades spaces on the Celestyal Olympia which took place solely and entirely in Greece. The specific tasks are an important investment in specialized shipbuilding enterprises in our country, and testifies to the multi-layered support of Celestyal Cruises in the national economy in the last few years.

The renovation program of Celestyal Crystal includes a total renovation of the suites of the cruise ship and, in particular, in the fabrics/ wallpapers and carpeting for the 43 suites with balconies and 16 additional suites on the cruise ship Celestyal Crystal, which comes in continuation of renovations to suites, which was completed two years ago, on the cruise ship Celestyal Olympia.

At the same time, the company announced the introduction of a new service of personal assistant for the suites of the cruise ships, Celestyal Crystal and Celestyal Olympia, which is offered free to guests who book in a specific category of cabin[i] aiming at an even more comfortable stay on the cruise ship, through a range of personalized benefits, both during the embarkation and disembarkation from the ship, as well as the daily services of the cabin.

“The central theme of the strategic planning of our company remains the support of Greek businesses and the continued contribution to the national economy” commented the Ceo of Celestyal Cruises, mr Chris Theophilides. He also stated “it is with great pleasure we see that our efforts for the extension of the tourism season have borne fruit, as the demand for cruises outside of the summer months are gradually increasing, which gives us motivation to continue even more dynamically”.

Finally, for the new year, the company has special, preferential deals for Greek travelers, who wish to carry out a boat cruise and enjoy this kind of vacation, provided the reservation up to 31 March 2019.

[i] The service of personal assistant suite is available on the cruise ship Celestyal Crystal in the Grand Suite (SG), in the Balcony Suites (SB), and Suite (S) and the cruise ship Celestyal Olympia in the Grand Suite (SG) and the Balcony Suite (SB).