Salamanca, a city of rare beauty

The medieval Spanish town reflected in the waters of the river Τορμές and in the narrow streets of unfolding the glamour of bygone eras

Salamanca is located in western Spain and is a living museum waiting for visitors to wander in every corner of the.

The imposing baroque buildings, with the passage of time have acquired a feature χρυσίζον color giving it the title of “golden city”. It has a lively nightlife and large student population, while the entire historic center has been declared a Unesco World Heritage site.

It is worth visiting the House of Shell, which today houses the public library of the city. It was built in the late 15th century and took its name from the approximately 300 shells which adorn its façade.

The new cathedral of the city dating back to the 16th century is home to two special moves, a dragon holding an ice cream cone and an astronaut. In spite of the various scenarios on the origin and the mystery that was created around it, in reality the figures are the additions after the maintenance of the temple in 1992.

The university of Salamanca was one of the major academic centers of Europe, while the facade is a hidden frog on a skull, which local tradition says it brings good luck.

The plaza Mayor madrid of the 18th century, is a baroque gem, was the oldest venue for bullfighting and the visitor can experience the gastronomic culture of the city in one of the local restaurants.