Kardamili, a place of natural beauty

A place with natural beauty and great history until the prehistoric times

Kardamyli is a seaside village in Messinia is Kalamata 38km. and has been characterized as a landscape of outstanding natural beauty. And not unfairly, since the beauty here of Messinia is in all its glory.

Kardamili is a place with natural beauty and great history that reaches back to prehistoric times. And the monuments are there to remind the past. And just a few metres separate the old town from the new.

The name of Kardamyli is mentioned for the first time in the years of Homer in the Iliad as the first of the “seven well-governed and well-inhabited cities” that Agamemnon would give dowry to Achilles, if and one of his daughters. It was later named “Σκαρδαμούλα”, while in the last few years prevailed again the ancient name.

The rich history is reflected in the historic village of Old Kardamyli, a fortified cluster of tower houses, built around the church of St. Spyridon, in the 18th century.

Composing the contrasts in the most exciting way, Kardamyli combines on one side the calm waters of the Messinian bay and on the other the imposing massif of mount Taygetos.