Ayutthaya, the hidden archaeological jewel of Thailand

Full of buddhist temples, monasteries and ancient statues

The Ayutthaya or Real Ναχόν Si Ayutthaya is located in central Thailand, about 85 km north of Bangkok is the ancient capital of the kingdom of Ayutthaya, which was built on the banks of the river in Lop Buri and Chao Φράγια around 1350 m.X..

The modern town has been built among majestic ancient ruins and is the commercial centre of the whole region. The innumerable temples dating back to the 14th century. The ancient city has been declared a cultural monument and was included in 1991 in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The monument to Watts Μαχατχάτ the Buddha head is wedged between the numerous roots of a tree and the Bat penang already Chong is the biggest sitting Buddha.

It is worth visiting the royal monastery, served as the residence of supreme monk, and Wat Phra Si Σανπέτ, the largest and most important temple, which was used as a residential palace, with the bronze Buddha. Among the most important architectural monuments, which deserve attention, is the Μαχαράτ, Ταμικαράτ and Ρατσαμπουράνα.