Exploring Lodz, the third largest touristic city of Poland

A city-surprise

The Lodge is built in the heart of Poland and is an ideal place for lovers of the cinema and nightly entertainment.

In Polish the name means boat, and for this reason is depicted in the coat of arms and the flag of the city.

The third largest city of Poland located 135 km southwest of Warsaw and impresses with its medieval style.

The aristocratic mansions and the atmospheric neighbourhoods, enchant the visitor and the historical sites bring to life the long history of the city.

It is worth visiting the wonderful museums and the musical fountains. In the main street Πιοτρκόφσκα is the imposing textile factory Manufactura dating back to the 19th century.

The museum of modern art Μουζέουμ Ζτούκι, hosts one of the most important collections of modern art in Poland.

The great tradition of the Lodge to the movies with the famous Polish school attracts young people from all over the world in combination with the intense nightlife.

The city also hosts one of the largest amusement park in the world while it is imperative for a ride by the impressive Botanic Garden and the parks of Lodz.