The town of Annecy in France is the hidden gem for anyone who chooses to visit

Founded by the princes of Savoy in the centre of the Annecy lake

Nestled from the north-west coast of the eponymous lake, Annecy is the jewel of the region, Haute-Savoie, which still has numerous buildings from the 16th and 17th-century, now painted in shades of peach and rose. The channels pass through the city, with a result of Annecy to win the reputation of “Venetian Alps”.

The lake of the city is the cleanest in Europe and a paradise for lovers of cycling and scuba diving, as it combines the wild beauty seeking sports lovers. At the same time, ideal for quiet walks through the forest.

The historical monument of the Palais de l’ile which dominates in the center, built in the water is the trademark of the city.

The Annecy looks like Venice because of the canals and is an important cultural centre and one of the most tourist destinations of the region.

You can travel there either directly by air to the airport of the city either by flight from Greece to Geneva or Lyon, and from there by bus, train or rental car.