Kuramathi Maldives Highlight Reef Conservation and Environmental Initiatives for Earth Week 2019

Rallying dedicated team members and guests, Kuramathi organised an extensive programme of eco-educative experiences and initiatives for Earth Day and Week 2019. Set in the diminutive Maldivian archipelago of Rasdhoo Atoll, this 1.8km island is one of the first resorts to have opened in the Maldives, and has since worked with local communities and guests to pioneer eco-practice in the country’s tourism industry.

Activities for Earth Week 2019 included a week-long island clean-up including specialist reef dives, guided tours of the island’s hydroponic gardens, bottling plant and nature trails, and seminars for adults and children at the island’s eco centre.

The resort carry clean-up dives every month, however Earth Week 2019 saw its largest activation to date. All guests and resort staff were invited to take a giant stride into the lagoon with one collective mission; to remove as much debris as possible. Whilst children and snorkelers explored the lagoon, over 40 divers trailed the island’s house, and surrounding reefs to collect debris and rubbish from the living corals. Guests and dive instructors collected over 30 bags of rubbish from the ocean, ranging from plastic bottles, fishing debris, aluminium cans and other non-biodegradable waste. All waste was then recycled by the resort to preserve the atoll’s reefs and world oceans.

Kuramathi’s resident marine biologist organised a fascinating presentation about “Protecting Our Species” focusing on the marine life of the Indian Ocean and the responsibility of preserving the intricate underwater ecosystems. This interactive presentation was for both adults and children, and guests were invited to view the species through microscopes to fully immerse themselves in Maldivian marine life.