Want a head or foot massage? Take an Indian train

Indian Railways have added a refreshing new perk for some travelers tired from long journeys: head and foot massages. Not everyone is thrilled at the prospect, though, with critics weighing in on Twitter.

The new massage facility is being rolled out this weekend on 39 Indian Railway services running from Indore in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, according to a regional railway official. In a tweet posted Saturday, the official said the massages are expected to generate some $28,800 a year.

Between three and five masseurs will travel on participating trains and carry special ID cards, with their services costing about $1.50. The rail company also hopes the move will give ticket sales a boost.

Not everyone is thrilled at the upgrade, though, with critics tweeting the resources could have been better used. One Twitter user questioned why this service is being provided at all when train restroom facilities have gone “from bad to worse.” Others echoed the sentiment, suggesting that there must be a host of more pressing improvements that could be implemented than passenger massages.

Some people were more encouraging though, welcoming the move as beneficial in providing more employment, and calling for the massage option to be rolled out more widely across the country.

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