The Arena di Verona mourns the passing of Maestro Franco Zeffirelli

The tragic news of the death of Maestro Zeffirelli, creator of dreams, arrived today in the Arena di Verona Foundation, while definitive preparations are underway for the rehearsal of his last and long awaited Traviata, which will debut on June 21st in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic Mattarella.

The Superintendent and Artistic Director of Arena di Verona, Cecilia Gasdia – Zeffirelli’s friend since her very young debut on the scene, was taken by surprise on a very intense day and, for all the workers, artistic complexes and administrative employees of the Foundation, declared: “We all loved Maesrto Zaffirelli unconditionally, he has indelibly marked our professional and personal lives.

Our heart cry for the man, the artist, the friend, but if we really want to honor him as he deserves, we must not allow this to happen: we will hide our sorrow by working at best, at most of our strength to honour his genius, because his last Traviata, but also his Troubadour, shine and contribute to the future memory of his irreplaceable genius.

We have the tools and its imprimatur as well, because Traviata comes from afar, a year of intense work in which every detail, has been shared with its historical assistants and collaborators of the Arena Foundation who have absorbed the thought.

Once this dutiful homage is over we will finally be able to vent our private feelings and mourn it. Now we still have to work for him even if, unfortunately, without him. ”

And it is the entire city of Verona that mourns the passing of the Master, because his mark is strong in the urban and social fabric of the city that felt him a friend and accomplice of many summers.

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