Women Travel Solo, Widely and Stylishly

About the Woman Traveler

The fact that women like to travel is not a new phenomenon. What might be surprising is the number of women who have traveled or are interested in traveling. A recent Trafalgar survey of USA women reported that 86 percent of women are not afraid to travel regardless of world conditions and 73 percent of the women surveyed found that travel made them stronger while 69 percent of the responders found inspiration from the travel experience. Females traveling solo are likely to be 45-47 years of age, wearing a size 12 dress and taking trips in small groups. Women are also managing the global travel industry as 60-70 percent of travel industry employees are female.

Over 67 million women make travel decisions yearly (for themselves and others) with a potential spend of $19 -$20 trillion (2010). Of the affluent traveler group, (incomes over $250,000), women comprise 54 percent of this market and the numbers are increasing. These travelers don’t travel just for the scenery – they are looking for experiences and willing to pay for them.

To facilitate the travel experience tour operators are marketing small group travel opportunities to women, focusing on activities that include hiking, biking, and safari as well as activities that focus on their personal interests such as writing, wine tasting, painting and cooking.

To be attractive to the woman traveling solo, some companies are eliminating single supplement fees and cruise operators are building ships with more single occupancy cabins.

Fashion Not Flash

While moving from point to point, the woman traveler chooses to look good and wearing the appropriate jewelry is part of the journey.

I recently attended the International Fashion Jewelry and Accessory Group Show in NYC where hundreds of jewelry designers, manufacturers and importers of fashion jewelry and accessories displayed their latest designs. This non-profit, member-owned association started in 1997 and is an international source for trend-setting fashion jewelry, accessories and private label products for wholesalers, volume retail buyers and independent retailers.

Buyers from over 20 countries visited the show to determine what consumers will buy in the coming months. Each vendor has his/her private showroom (using hotel suites) where confidentiality is a priority for both buyer and seller.

Time To Go

One would think that with the access to technology, the wristwatch would have gone the way of dinosaurs. This turns out to be a mistaken notion. The sale and wearing of watches persists. People are buying watches online, at auctions, through independent jewelers and department stores.

A recent study suggests that people are wearing their watch because they feel their jewelry selection is otherwise limited by the job or work. As a Breitling and Rolex owning but Patek aspiring respondent noted, “Watches are the only jewelry I wear; my only accessory.” Others wear a watch because it is easier than digging for their phone or it compliments their outfit, in the same way jewelry does.

A study undertaken by the Cadence Watch Company found that men have a high regard for a woman wearing a watch and the watch makes her more attractive, sophisticated, confident and refined. Approximately one-third of the respondents said that women who wear watches are more punctual and had more depth of character. “A woman wearing a watch has places to be. She’s on a mission, and that’s sexy,” commented a male respondent.

A popular new watch on the market stays on the wrist through the use of magnets.

Amulet or Talisman

Need an extra bit of good luck when leaving your comfort zone? Whether it is fear of flying, crime or terrorism, or just being alone, travel can raise anxiety levels. Wearing a simple talisman may provide the same comfort as the “blankie” that offered security when you were a child.

An amulet is an ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger or disease. A talisman is an object that is thought to have magical powers and brings good luck.


While tassels and large hoops are attractive they are potentially dangerous as they provide the opportunity for the bad guys to grab on to them during an attack. Wearing conservative and elegant earrings can be a fashion statement and not an alarm bell for attention.


A beautiful scarf adds dimension to even the most conservative outfit. A scarf (or 2) takes up very little space in the carryon and is one of the best items to actually wear during the entire journey. A scarf can be used as a stylish overlayer, a skirt/wrap or a head covering when exploring places of worship. It also works as a pillow or travel blanket.

No time to pay attention to your hair styling needs? Turn the scarf into a hair accessory. Need something for a dinner date and the back/ fanny pack will not work? Turn the scarf into a small evening tote.

Wear, When, How: Keeping Jewelry Safe in Transit

Heads up! Do not bring items of high-value with you when you travel. Leave the gems and real stuff at home (in a safe) and update your jewelry insurance so that you are not worrying about robberies.

The jewelry worn while traveling (for business and/or leisure) should look good, but not become a major crisis if lost or stolen.

To Do List

  1. List all the jewelry for the trip. Keep a copy with you (file separately from the jewelry) and keep another copy online
  2. Take pictures of all the jewelry and store online (available for download)
  3. Do not pack jewelry. Keep it in your carryon. Be wary if you are wearing metal – it might delay movement as you walk through security. It is best to keep the items in the carryon – in a separate pouch (plastic sandwich bags work) – just in case you have to show to security
  4. When checking into a hotel – carry the bag with the jewelry pouch, don’t hand it to a staffer
  5. Use the hotel in-room safe to store the items you are not wearing.

Unfortunately, the loss of jewelry while traveling is a reality, A Jewelers Mutual survey found that of 600 married women surveyed, 25 percent lost a piece of jewelry while vacationing.

At the beginning and end of the journey, the reality is: Looking good is the best revenge…even in transit! For additional information, go to ifjag.com.

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