Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort has a problem you want to know about

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort has a problem you need to know about

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort has a problem you want to know about

Looking for the best all-inclusive resort in Jamaica? Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island in Montego Bay Jamaica has a problem you may want to know about. Yes, the resort and the grounds around the property are stunningly beautiful, but other beach resorts in Jamaica also have plenty of rum.

Jamaica resort hotels are competing with Sandals on who offers the best beach activities, the best reggae music, food, or facilities. This, however, is not a big worry for the owner of Sandals. There is no question that Sandals is well-positioned to take a clear lead here.

The issue is there are so many tourism heroes working for Sandals, that guests keep posting names every day: Cion in Club Sandals; Andre & Akine, butlers at the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island; Trudi in the Loyalty office; Dre the bartender at the main pool – so many tourism heroes give Sandals’ industry a soul in this small all-inclusive Jamaica resort.

According to expert Dr. Peter Tarlow, there are even more tourism heroes working undercover at Sandals. They make sure Sandals remains one of the safest resort groups on the globe. He said: “Sandals is an excellent example of ‘visitor surety,’ meaning the providing of a safe and secure environment for visitors and for those who work in its visitor industry.

Yes, the resort facilities, the food, and the beaches are magnificent, but what makes Sandals Resorts a better option to select for a dream vacation are people who make holiday dream memories. Sandals employees with a heart like Nigy and Nicole, Andre, Akine, Sherry Ann and Dwayne, and also Trudy and Dre – they are professional butlers at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, and they give this resort hotel a soul.

Service with a heart is the philosophy that trickles down from the founders of Sandals. Gordon “Butch” Stewart is the Jamaica Founder and Chairman of Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts. Adam Stewart, his son, was born on the resort and is now the Deputy Chairman of the Caribbean-based resort company Sandals Resorts International.

Some recent testimony received from guests confirm a resort where heroes give a soul to tourism:

  • Since first coming to Sandals Royal Caribbean (or any all-inclusive resort) in February 2017 we have considered this our vacation location of choice. Since that original trip, we have returned to SRC two more times and have a fourth trip booked. The resort is beautiful, offers delicious food, and wonderful rooms. The thing that sets SRC apart from all other resorts, however, is their staff. Every single employee from gardeners, to maids, to food staff and resort managers, are the most friendly group of people I have ever met. They make you feel like family from the moment you arrive. The feeling of “coming home” is why we consider SRC our home away from home and will continue to come back. Some of the individuals who stand out at SRC are: Cion in Club Sandals, Andre & Akine the butlers, Trudi in the Loyalty office, Dre the bartender at the main pool.
  • This was our 4th Sandals trip and we were again reminded why we keep coming back! Our butler team, Nigy and Nicole, did an outstanding job of making sure our every need was met and surprised us throughout our week with small gestures that added to our experience. Thank you!
  • We do a fair amount of research before we book vacations and picked this small, calm resort on purpose, as we really needed the R&R. We also love the island availability, as it adds another element where we can feel secluded. We did a cabana for an entire day and it was amazing!
  • The food was very good for an all-inclusive. We really liked each meal and there was a variety of choices. We also took advantage of sandals Montego Bay one night. The last night of our stay we did a private dinner at a gazebo right on the ocean. Best dinner we had and totally worth it. This is something we will likely do on each stay moving forward.
  • There are a lot of other experiences we really enjoyed as well. The pools, the spa, welcome home dinner, room service, beach party (even though it rained!), private transfers, club Mobay, breakfast on our patio each day, and last but not least, the people! Booked a trip with “G” before we left to continue our Sandals patronage moving forward. Emerald Bay is next!!!
  • We stayed in a Butler Elite Suite while celebrating a milestone birthday with friends. The Butler service was fantastic (Sherry Ann and Dwayne) were extremely attentive. We had seats saved on the beach each morning with coolers of water and beer waiting for us. Not only were they available for anything that we needed, but they also would surprise us checking in frequently throughout the day and bringing lunch and drinks to us while we were on the beach.
  • We had the most relaxing ting at Sandals RC resort. The staff was very attentive and obliging. There is nothing they could not do and the most enjoyable bit was the in house entertainment that we had every evening.

If you sum it up, the resort also has another problem… It’s so stunningly beautiful, it hurts to leave,” said Ralf from Glendora, California.

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