Sex on the balcony of your hotel more deadly than a terror attack?

Sex on the balcony of your hotel more deadly than a terror attack?

Sex on the balcony of your hotel more deadly than a terror attack?

You are more at risk of dying having sex on the balcony of your hotel than being killed in a deadly terror attack, told Robin Ingle CEO of Ingle International and MSH International at the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council Conference on Friday at the Convention Center in London.

A day before the Jamaica Minster of Tourism Edward Bartlett who also serves as the founder of the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Center said:

A Global Oversight of Travel Advisories is urgently needed to limit the threat travel advisories can cause to a tourism economy.

The Resilience Council provides a platform for professionals from various industries to share information and best practices regarding resilience, crises, and disasters – both man-made and natural – in the context of tourism. The Resilience council is partnered with multiple governments around the world, including Jordan, South Africa, Jamaica, Malta, Greece, and Nepal.

With over 40 years of hands-on experience, Robin Ingle has developed and implemented a product suite that includes international health, student, expatriate, special risk, and travel insurance products with a specialization in travel, medical, and security emergency assistance. Combining his knowledge in the industry with technology, a software application used by millions around the world to enjoy their travels safely and confidently was created for individuals and corporations.

Travel Advisories and Travel Warnings are often used as political tools by countries and not always updated once posted. Geographics and details on threats are often misunderstood or not clearly disclosed.

Regions in almost every country depend on the mighty tourism Dollars. Travel warnings cannot just cause great harm to an economy. Specifically, the harm done can trigger down to all levels of local tourism stakeholders and could result in criminal activities and protests. is a global leader in stakeholders and public sector training in regards to travel and tourism safety and security.

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