19 Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Wine Lover

19 Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Wine Lover

19 Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Wine Lover

A holiday is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and spend most of your time traveling to places or visiting your loved ones. It’s also the best time where you can take a rest from the daily pressures you face at work. Somehow, it serves a breather for us who wanted to get away from exhausting life experiences.

One of the best things about holidays like Christmas season is the abundance of the present we either give or get. It’s the season to be jolly as we might get every wishlist we want. Besides, the gifts we get can somehow uplift our spirit, inspiring us that there’s someone out there who appreciates us wholeheartedly.

There are lots of presents you can give ultimately give to someone. For wine lovers, you might get tied up with the limited choices you can pick and end up giving the usual bottle of Champagne or red wine. Perhaps, this is the most feasible gift you can give.

If you think that you can only gift wine to your wine-loving friends, then you’re surely thinking the wrong way. There are lots of unique items you can give that will surely help them appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Below are some new and unique things you can pick to gift a wine lover.

Wine Celebration Wreath

The holidays come brighter and merrier for every wine lover when you opt to give a celebration wreath. You only have to infuse a few faux berries and corks to make it livelier. It will create an atmosphere for your recipient to take a toast of their most favorite wine label.

Mini Wine Barrel

If you want your recipient to have a touch of winery essence inside his or her home, you can give a mini wine barrel. The best thing about this material is you can personalize it depending on your preference. You can also have it engraved with the name of the receiver, so he or she they will appreciate the item more.

Wine Label Album

A wine label album is another incredible gift you can gift to a wine lover. The same with a mini-wine barrel, you have can personalize this gift. It should come in a hardbound album with a ribbon to tie as the final decoration.

Inside the wine album, you can include contents such as wine vintages like Cote de Nuits wine, tasting notes, regions, etc.

Black Estate Corkscrew

19 Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Wine Lover

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It’s time to stop gifting your friends with primitive cork openers in the drawer, and upgrade to estate corkscrew instead. You can choose one with black tone to look more elegant. The estate corkscrew is a wine opener that has a pump design. When you place the wine bottle to open, it holds the bottle securely, allowing it to open seamlessly.

Red Wine Aroma Essence Kit

The red wine essence kit is one of the most unique and rare gifts you can give to a wine lover. Your recipient can appreciate your patience in looking for this item because it is quite rare to find. The red wine essence kit is a vial of wine fragrances placed inside a box. The box does not only come ordinary as the overall packing looks elegant and expensive.

Marble Wine Chiller

Wines are great to sip when it’s cold and perfectly chilled. Every wine lover needs this unique gift so they can travel to different places while bringing their favorite wines and keeping them cold. You can get a wine chiller made from marble as the coldness of the wine cannot escape when placed inside. It’s also best if you personalize it, engraving the name of the person who will receive the gift.

Riedel Mamba Decanter

A Mamba Decanter is another unique gift you can give to every wine lover. They will surely appreciate this item as it is a combination of both a wine decanter and an architectural masterpiece. It is suitable for display and will make for a great decorative item to your home.

Glass Ice Bucket Set And Champagne Flute

The holidays will get brighter for wine lover who gets a gift set of a Champagne flute and ice bucket set. The glass flute creates a dramatic effect when you pour a Champagne wine. The ice bucket which comes in crystal clear texture filled with ice will add another enticing look for the sparkling wine you place inside.

Chain Home Wine Holder

If you are looking for another unique gift to give to a wine lover, then a chain wine holder is one surprising present you can pick. It is a wine holder the gives a little illusion to the wine bottle as if it’s floating on air. The chains are twisted, gripping the wine bottle seamlessly as if nothing is holding it. Undoubtedly, your recipient will get amazed with this gift idea.

Wine Thermometer

Wine thermometers are another rare gifting ideas you can give. It looks like a belt that you only need to attach to the body of the wine. It helps you check the temperature of the wine, whether it’s still chilled or not.

Wine Wall Rack

The wine wall rack will be appreciated by every wine lover. It is a flowing-water inspired spiral architectural masterpiece that makes it possible to display wine bottles in the house without consuming too much space.


It is a multi-functional glass which you can gift uniquely. The two-in-one crystal glass is made with internal wine neck and a stein outside. It is perfect for those who wanted to drink wine all the time but want the practicality of the mug instead of typical wine glass.

Glass Tank

The glass tank gift is another option you can give to a wine lover. It is a wine container that looks like a bulb with a glass attached below. It contains enough water and air pressure, which allows the bulb to drop the right amount of wine liquid to the glass if it decreases.

Wine Stopper USB Stick

Nowadays, most people use USB to store and keep important files due to convenience. Be it documents, videos, or photos, you can easily save them to your phone or laptop using USB flash drive.

For a specific wine lover, you can give a wine stopper USB stick with their names engraved on it for a more personalize feel.

Modernized Wine Rack

19 Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Wine Lover

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There are lots of wine rack gift ideas in the market right now, and choosing the one with a modernized style can excite every wine lover. The modernized wine rack is a single ribbon type of rack made from stainless steel. It is arranged like a fixed ribbon with ample spaces where you can display the wines.

Steady Sticks Wine Bottle Holder

A steady stick wine bottle can surely give another amusement feeling to a wine aficionado who’s getting this kind of gift. It is perfect for an individual or group who loves to sip a glass of wine while having a picnic or going to the beach.

It is a wine stand that’s made from stainless steel that pushes to the ground where you placed it and holds the bottle. It also comes with two holders where you can place the wine glass.

Glass Bulb Light

These glass bulbs are pretty art masterpieces that will surely make the recipient appreciate it. The glass bulbs are technically made from LED lights with a shape similar to a wine glass. It is perfect for a romantic date night while the couple is holding a glass of Bordeaux.

Wine Glass Holder Necklace

It is a unique gift you can give to someone who likes to multi-task, say drink wine while entertaining guests. There’s no need to worry again about where to put the wine glass to make way for handshakes while entertaining your guests. This wine glass holder necklace will allow you to put the wine glass around your neck. It sounds weird, but yes, that’s how this unconventional necklace work.

Hanging Metal Wall Wine Holders

These are fantastic masterpieces with intricate styling that a wine lover can surely appreciate. The metal holders are made from stainless steel that you can attached in any wall inside your house. It allows you to hang your favorite wine bottles which also makes for an interesting ornament in the wall.


Every holiday season coming, such as Christmas, each of us looks forward to every present we are receiving. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, cheap or expensive, as long as the gift is given heartily by the one who prepares it. We can ultimately appreciate the item. Besides, when we get something more personalized, the present becomes more thoughtful and worthy of keeping.

So, for people who are looking for unique ideas of giving limitless gift options for every wine lover, the items listed above can surely help you.

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