USA officially declared 2020 New Year 14 hours before Washington DC: Biba Anu Nuebu

USA officially declared 2020 New Year 14 hours before Washington DC: Biba Anu Nuebu

The United States officially stepped into the new decade 14 hours before Washington DC did.

Happy New Year! Biba Anu Nuebu! When Guam was counting down the New Year 2020 it was only 10.00 am in New York on December 31. With Guam, the United States officially entered the new decade.

The paradise island Guam located just an hour flight from Manila rang in the USA New Year. Every day Guam begins the day for America, and they did this at midnight with parties, fireworks and a lot of activities not only in the famous resort hotels of this vacation paradise. It was a beautiful night in Guam.

The beaches will be packed today on January 1 and at the same time, New York will drop the ball.

Where New Years is Biba Anu Nuebu and a new Decade for the United States?


Happy New Year also to Samoa and Christmas Island in Kiribati – the first countries in the world to enter 2020.

In Samoa, New Year’s Eve was more somber than usual considering the country just went through a health scare nightmare with measles killing dozens. While fireworks erupted at midnight from Mount Vaea, overlooking the capital, Apia, the end of the year was a time of sadness and remembrance.

A spectacular fireworks display from the Sky Tower has launched Auckland, New Zealand celebrating the new year. New Zealand’s largest fireworks display was accompanied by lasers and animations, a first for the Sky Tower.

Fiji’s government is banning plastic bags as of today and the country joins the growing list of Pacific nations to do so.

Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Niue, Samoa and New Zealand’s bans are already in effect while the Pacific’s most populous nation, Papua New Guinea, joins them at the end of next month.

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