African Tourism Board Chairman to speak at domestic tourism exhibition in Tanzania

African Tourism Board Chairman to speak at domestic tourism exhibition in Tanzania

African Tourism Board Chairman to speak at domestic tourism exhibition in Tanzania

The African Tourism Board (ATB) Chairman Mr. Cuthbert Ncube is all set to speak at the premier domestic tourism exhibition, taking place from Thursday to Saturday this week, in Tanzania’s commercial capital city of Dar es Salaam.

Mr. Ncube who, arrived in Tanzania Wednesday evening, will participate the official opening of the UWANDAE Expo 2020 on Thursday, before taking the podium on Friday to discuss key and pertinent issues in tourism in Africa at a special conference, that will draw key industry personalities to address participants and other visitors.

The event organizers, the Association of Women in Tourist Tanzania (AWOTTA), had confirmed the presence of Mr. Ncube at the conference to be taking place on February 7th, during the second day of the UWANDAE Expo 2020 exhibition.

Mr. Ncube will present a paper titled “Engaging and Aligning key role players in the tourism value chair to develop targets and result driven partnerships: Leveraging in the hospitality and light industry sector”.

He will speak at a special conference that was organized for all participants to attend free of charge, to discuss and deliberate on “Business, Investment and Jobs in Domestic Tourism”, which is the theme of the conference.

Participation of the ATB Chairman, would add a vigor to tourism development in Tanzania and Africa, with positive input from key personalities in the continent’s fast growing tourism sector.

The ATB Chairman is among key personalities with rich experience in tourism in Africa, and the continent’s position in the global tourism map.

The UWANDAE Expo 2020 exhibition will be attended by key government policymakers in the tourist sector, public tourist and wildlife conservation institutions, private investors, travel trade and airline companies, organizations and business partners across many sectors, students and the public from Tanzania and other countries.

Theme of this year exhibition is ”Recognize the Value of Domestic Tourism”.

To be staged from 6th to 8th, February, UWANDAE Expo 2020 is the second edition of the event. The first such event took place last year, and highlighted the potential of domestic tourism fueled by the growth in Tanzanian’s traveling for health, sporting events, study, conferences, national celebrations, weddings and pilgrimages.

The organizers have aimed to attract 100 participants and 3000 visitors, and anticipate extensive nationwide media coverage before, during and after the event.

AWOTTA is a newly formed association to attract and encourage women to take a leading role in tourism in Tanzania and Africa.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) said in its reports that the majority of the tourism workforce worldwide is female: 54% of people employed in tourism are women compared to 39 percent in the general economy.

Tourism is leading the charge for female empowerment all over the world. Across the private and public sectors women are harnessing the potential of tourism to become financially independent, challenge stereotypes and start their own businesses.

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