Coronavirus: New hotel cancellation policies


Coronavirus: New hotel cancellation policies

Hotels, Cruise Lines, Airliners, attractions, and destinations need to implement new coronavirus friendly policies, that include cancellation, postponement for trips, safety, and hygiene. ICTP is the first travel and tourism association ready to communicate such policies with the world.

Horror stories are making headlines around the world with consumers losing thousands of Dollars because they cancel their trip. Airlines and Hotels are scrambling to adjust policies to keep their guests and workers safe.

eTurboNews recently reported about a Hawaii passenger losing thousands in cancellation fees enforced by Norwegian Cruise Line.

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners promotes Green growth and Quality equals Business, and is the first global travel and tourism organization trying to make a difference.

With more than 1000 members in the tourism industry around the world, the 20-year-old International Coalition of Tourism Partners is now providing an opportunity for members and nonmembers to list their new policies on the ICTP website and share with the world.

ICTP will communicate policy updates, special rates with other industry members, travelers, and their 200 media partners, including eTurboNews.

This service is free for ICTP members and available to non-members for a small fee. ICTP is encouraging hotels, resorts, tour operators, cruise lines and airlines to share their adjusted policies and list them on the ICTP web-portal,

The first update from ICTP is expected mid-week.
ICTP is encouraging the travel industry to work with their customers and implement coronavirus friendly and safe policies. On the other hand, ICTP wants to minimize any losses for tourism stakeholders and increase business with useful tips and updates.

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eTurboNews will share updates with readers once they become available.

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