Canada ranked most liveable country for European expats

Canada ranked most liveable country for European expats

Canada ranked most liveable country for European expats

Canada remains the most attractive country outside of Europe for Europeans to take residence for the fifth year running, according to the latest report from global mobility experts.

Fit for royalty with its clean air, free healthcare, low crime and political stability, Canada has retained its high position in a liveability analysis in the annual Location Ratings Report.

The liveability survey of over 490 cities around the world looks at factors including availability of health services; housing and utilities; isolation; access to a social network and leisure facilities; infrastructure; climate; personal safety; political tensions and air quality.

Canada has long been an attractive country for expatriates to live, boasting one of the world’s strongest economies, booming industry, and a strong focus on entrepreneurship opportunities. Many Canadian cities even outscore European hubs including London, Paris, Berlin and Rome despite the distance from home.

An additional important factor for mainland Europeans looking to relocate is that Canada is officially bilingual, with many Canadians speaking English as well as French, the third most widely spoken language in Europe.

UK nationals make up the third largest foreign-born group in Canada –after India and China – which has attracted a large foreign-born population of approx. 6,775,800 people with a total 20.6 per cent of the population – the highest proportion among the G8 countries.

Canadian cities with lower crime levels, good public facilities, and better air quality, have always provided a high quality of life for European expats, with consistently high scores putting Canadian cities above many European counterparts. Canadian cities, namely Toronto and Vancouver, are relatively easy for European expatriates to adapt to.

Toronto ranks top for Europeans in Canada

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, fared the best of all the Canadian cities reviewed in the report. Despite extreme weather challenges that face residents and businesses in Toronto the government is making historic new investments in infrastructure to maintain its position as a world class city.

Since 2016, the Canadian government has committed $14.4 billion on modernizing public transport, green and social infrastructure, trade and transportation, making it a consistently attractive city for European’s living abroad.

Northern European cities lead the way

Elsewhere, Copenhagen and Bern have scooped the joint top spot as the most liveable cities in the world for European expats.

Northern European cities in places such as Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Switzerland, have consistently scored well for expat liveability. Excellent transport links, a high standard of healthcare and long-term political stability, mean that overseas workers from elsewhere in Europe can adapt to these locations with ease.

Good news for 900,000 Irish passport applicants

Dublin has kept its position within the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. ECA’s liveability score of the Irish capital will be well received by expats and the record number of Irish passport applicants last year.

Dublin has become a popular hub for the expats from around the world thanks to having the benefits of a large city while also managing to avoid the negative aspects. The crime rates and air quality are much better in the Irish capital than many other major European locations, while culture and infrastructure scores remain strengths too.

Location 2019 ranking 2020 ranking
Denmark – Copenhagen 1 1
Switzerland – Bern 1 1
Netherlands – The Hague 3 3
Switzerland – Geneva 3 3
Netherlands – Eindhoven 6 5
Norway – Stavanger 5 5
Netherlands – Amsterdam 6 7
Switzerland – Basel 6 7
Irish Republic – Dublin 9 9
Luxembourg – Luxembourg City 9 9
Sweden – Gothenburg 9 9
Denmark – Aarhus 12 12
Netherlands – Rotterdam 12 12
Switzerland – Zurich 14 14
Germany – Bonn 15 15
Germany – Munich 15 15
Austria – Vienna 17 17
Germany – Hamburg 17 17
Sweden – Stockholm 19 19
United Kingdom – Edinburgh 19 19

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