South Korean Tourism Official: COVID-19 is under control!

South Korean Tourism Official: COVID-19 is under control!

Imagine your Korea is the tourism slogan for South Korea. South Koreans love to travel and South Korea welcomes visitors. The Republic of Korea will be exhibiting at the upcoming ITB Trade Show in Berlin and is planning to participate in the Safertourism breakfast on Coronavirus, organized by this publication.

A South Korean tourism professional who did not want to be identified told eTurboNews yesterday: “We are very concerned about the increase of COVID-19 in our country, but we have the situation under control and it remains isolated.”

The Republic of Korea registered 556 Coronavirus Cases today, up 347 cases in just one day. Most cases were isolated to one church meeting.

Thousands of miles away in Israel, authorities are not allowing South Koreans tourists to enter the Jewish country. The Israel ministry is tracking down hundreds of Israelis who may have had contact with a group of nine infected Korean visitors that recently departed the country.

Many of those people in Israel may require to be isolated. Among them are nearly 100 students who were at various sites at the same time as the tourists.

Many of the new patients Saturday were located in or near Daegu, South Korea’s fourth-largest city, where dozens of people linked with a Christian sect known as the Shincheonji Church of Jesus have shown symptoms of respiratory illness. The church, which has about 150,000 adherents shared the names of members who may have been exposed to the virus, and it is encouraging them to enter quarantine.

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