Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum: New Leaders

Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum: New Leaders

Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum: New Leaders

In September 2019, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum officially opened the doors to its brand new, 55,000-square-foot location in Dallas’ West End Historical District. It featured a futuristic Dimensions in Testimony℠ Theater, a state-of-the-art 250-seat Cinemark Theater, 4 permanent exhibition wings, and digitized testimonies of Holocaust Survivors.

Today, the Museum announced the appointment of 10 newly-elected members to the Museum’s Board of Directors for 2020. Each appointee is a valuable member of the community and brings highly-regarded and diverse professional expertise to the Museum’s leadership team.

“We are extremely proud and excited to welcome these ten impressive individuals to our board,” said Mary Pat Higgins, President and CEO of the Museum. “Each board member was selected due to their full dedication to the Museum’s mission of teaching the history of the Holocaust, advancing human rights and inspiring Upstander behavior.”

The Museum, which has been recognized by publications and guests from across the nation, aims to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors in the next year. Since its opening, it has already doubled walk-in visits and student group attendance.

“These men and women join our board of directors at a critical time in our Museum’s and nation’s history,” said Frank Risch, Museum Board Chair. “We are confident that their support, skills and experience will provide invaluable perspectives as we continue to work towards our goals and strive to promote education and equality.”

The mission of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is to teach the history of the Holocaust and advance human rights to combat prejudice, hatred, and indifference. Initially conceived in 1977 by local Holocaust survivors, the institution now resides in a brand-new facility in Dallas’ Historic West End where visitors experience a deeper immersion into human and civil rights, their centrality to our democracy, and their vital importance in preventing events like those of the Holocaust from happening again. The 55,000-square-foot permanent home covers three floors, and the main exhibition includes four wings: Orientation Wing, Holocaust/Shoah Wing, Human Rights Wing, and Pivot to America Wing.

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