Flyers rights group: Airlines must become part of solution to COVID-19 pandemic

Airline passenger rights group,, has been working to include consumer protections and much needed consumer relief as a condition of any bailout to the airlines. proposes airlines become a part of the solution to the Coronavirus pandemic, rather than worsening the problems by not following CDC and White House Coronavirus Task Force guidelines as some have done.

Specifically: The airlines must provide N95 masks to flight attendants and all other employees and independent contractors who come into contact or proximity to passengers, bags, and cargo. Airlines must temperature test passengers and facilitate coronavirus testing per CDC guidelines. The airlines must actively discourage non-essential air travel. Airlines must comply with and enforce social distancing guidelines.

Airline bail out funds must immediately be allocated to airline call centers to ensure consumers do not have to experience wait times of many hours. supports the limited provisions in Speaker Pelosi’s draft bill released on Monday for consumer protections that include no change fees, no price increases for re-booking, cash refunds or vouchers that do not expire in less than one year, reporting of ancillary fee income to DOT.  Pages 791-6, Title VI, sections 601-603.

We will continue to urge Senator McConnell, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer, and Leader McCarthy to insert a requirement that the airlines follow the CDC and White House guidelines.