Is Cape Town in South Africa immune against the Coronavirus?

South Africans in Cape Town may be immune against the Coronavirus for 3 hours a day. Is Capetown safe for visitors as well?

Authorities in South Africa apparently made it illegal for the Coronavirus to spread between 6 am and 9 am. Cape Town is supposed to be immune against COVID-19, for at least 3 hours a day. This may, however, be a game of Russian Roulette.

Cape Town is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world with stunning nature and simply ideal for jogging and outdoor sports. With only 3453 active cases of COVID-19 in the entire country, converting to 3 death per million South Africa is on the lower end of the virus. For example, the worst country is San Marino with 1208 death per million.

Did South Africa flatten the curve? Many may think yes. Cape Town authorities must have agreed when they allowed their residents to go out and jog the beaches in the morning.

Stay at home orders are in effect but the city opens the beaches of places like Seapoint, Cape Town between the hours of 6 to 9 in the morning.

Thousands of Cape Towners take advantage of this relaxation of the stay at home order. They are flooding places like Seapoint. Thousands are walking, running, and socialize now every day between 6 am and 9 am. With the sun rising around 7.20 am this can be a mind relaxing experience as well. Ocean-facing Sea Point is a lively, affluent suburb where sandy beaches like Milton and Saunder’s Rock feature tidal pools, kids’ playgrounds, and sunset views. Tracing the coastline, Sea Point Promenade is a popular walking route.

Forget social distancing. It appears people feel they are immune in the morning and there is no danger to spread this deadly virus.

A result of this Russian Roulette activity will show in 2 weeks. It takes 2 weeks for the virus to develop in a human.

Are  South Africans immune against Coronavirus for 3 hours every day?

Seapoint- Cape Town, South Africa between 6am-9am during the COVID-19 crisis


This week Cape Town lowered the COVID-19 alert level from 5 to 4, and it appears citizens translate it their own way.
South Africa has the following alert levels.

Level 5: Drastic measures are required to contain the spread of the virus to save lives.

Level 4: Some activity can be allowed to resume subject to extreme precautions required to limit community transmission and outbreaks.

Level 3: Involves the easing of some restrictions, including on work and social activities, to address a high risk of transmission.

Level 2: Further easing of restrictions, but the maintenance of physical distancing and restrictions on some leisure and social activities to prevent a resurgence of the virus.

Level 1: Most normal activity can resume, with precautions and health guidelines followed at all times.

After Thursday 30 April, South Africa began a gradual and phased recovery of economic activity. This means taking a cautious approach to the easing of current lockdown restrictions, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thurday 23 April 2020.