A drive through Manhattan after curfew with COVID-19 and a Civil Unrest reality

A drive through Manhattan can be fun, but this morning touring the Big Apple was bizarre and depressing.

Looters in Manhattan could have a profitable day. To prevent this, name brand shops are worried about what could happen in New York after a day of riots. On Tuesday New York City’s Fifth Avenue stores spent Tuesday preparing for another night of riots after many stores were ransacked Monday night.

Many of Fifth Avenue’s most iconic luxury stores, including Saks, Cartier, Harry Winston, and Dolce & Gabbana, had been boarded up Tuesday against potential looters.

eTN readers visited Manhattan this morning shortly after the curfew was removed and took a drive around the Big Apple. Today as the 8 p.m.curfew passed, peaceful demonstrations were continuing. The authorities soon moved to disperse them and to make arrests.

He is questioning why the media was not reporting the. Here is his unedited report.