Trudeau: Mandatory temperature checks coming to all Canadian airports

Canada is planning to introduce a mandatory temperature screening for airline passengers and airport workers at all national airports.

At the press conference in Ottawa today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government’s plan will include screening measures through a phased approach, first for those traveling to Canada, then for those traveling from Canada, and finally for those traveling within Canada. Employees in the secured areas of airports in the country will also be required to have their temperature checked.

“A passenger who has a fever will not be permitted to get on a flight,” Trudeau announced.

“There are strong measures already in place to keep people safe. This screening will be yet another layer of protection,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau added that the thermal screening is not a way of detecting COVID-19 in travelers but it is an additional measure that can highlight symptoms of COVID-19 or show that someone is ill and should not be traveling at all.

In the past months, some Canadian airlines already have introduced temperature screening measures on their own. Temperature checks at airports are expected to complement a number of measures already in place, including mandatory mask-wearing for all passengers and staff, enhanced cleaning protocols and physical distancing in airports.