Monumental Tragedy for Africa unfolding in Burundi on COVID-19?

Tanzania just opened its travel and tourism industry and should stay aware of the ongoing development in neighboring Burundi.

In April the African Tourism Board Chairman Cuthbert Ncube urged Burundi to respect Africa and respect the dangers of COVID-19.

6 weeks later today

  • Burundi President Nkuruziza  is dead, most likely on COVID-19
  • His mother: DEAD
  • His wife and sister: in ICU
  • Incoming Burundi President: in ICU
  • The speaker that should be currently acting as president: in ICU
  • The late President’s mother also just passed away.

The Republic of Burundi is a landlocked country in the Great Rift Valley where the African Great Lakes region and East Africa converge.

According to official reports, there are 104 cases of Coronbavirus in Burundi. 1 death, 75 recovered. There are only 28 cases in a country of 11,872,554 people, but how many people got tested? 382

Burundi is a perfect example of how developing countries may be seen, and the reality could be shocking.

Monumental tragedy for Africa unfolding in Burundi?

eTurboNews reported on April 10 about how God Loves Burundi, and how God would protect the country from COVID-19. It was the reason the late president allowed institutions and schools to stay open. Mass gatherings were allowed.

In May when countries were strategizing to prevent COVID-19 spread and its containment, Burundi went into elections.

The interim President, President-elect & Vice-President-elect, all have Covid-19 including members of cabinet & Parliament.

If this is monumental not only for Burundi but for the rest of Africa and the world must learn from it. Africa and the world must follow common sense health guidelines for COVID-19. Africa must get assistance from the rest of the world to conduct testing before it’s too late.

This goes to reinforce the fact that Covid-19 is real. The late President was  55 years old and died officially of cardiac arrest after testing positive to Covid-19.