Honeymoon destinations re-opening as COVID-19 travel restrictions end

As the airlines begin operations again, loved-up holiday makers are now on the lookout for that perfect place to celebrate weddings that took place COVID-19 pre-lockdown.

With major honeymoon hotspots like St Lucia already accepting visitors and many more, such as the Maldives and Barbados, all expected to reopen for international travel in the coming weeks – interest is again on the rise to find out exactly when long-awaited trips abroad might be able to go ahead.

Below is the list of top 10 list of honeymoon destinations worldwide and when they are opening their doors to tourists again.

The ‘openness score’ is a measure used for demonstrating how “open” a country is to visitors – in terms of allowing visa-free travel.

Bora Bora


  • Openness score – 43
  • Reopening date – 15 July


Sri Lanka


  • Openness score – 1
  • Reopening date – 1 August




  • Openness score – 0
  • Reopening date – 1 July




  • Openness score – 137
  • Reopening date – 1 July


Bali, Indonesia


  • Openness score – 0
  • Reopening date – 10 July




  • Openness score – 0
  • Reopening date – TBA




  • Openness score – 1
  • Reopening date – 1 July


Cartagena, Colombia


  • Openness score – 0
  • Reopening date – 1 July


Antigua and Barbuda


  • Openness score – 112
  • Reopening date – 4 June


St Lucia


  • Openness score – 143
  • Reopening date – 4 June


Some of these honeymoon destinations also offer unique long-term benefits for those wishing to apply for second citizenships:

  • Saint Lucia – Apply for citizenship by investing 250k in a special Covid-19 Relief Bond and get your money back after 5 years.
  • Antigua and Barbuda – Apply for citizenship by investing min 100k (NDF donation).

In both cases, these islands offer the following benefits:

  • Remote, safer haven than overpopulated urban centers
  • Well developed and stable economies
  • Picturesque, welcoming, friendly
  • Accessible and well connected
  • Increased global mobility.

Only for St Lucia:

  • Minus admin fees, Saint Lucia offers their citizenship for free (after 5 years, they get their investment back) making it the best and most cost-effective option on the market right now.