Flights from Frankfurt Resumed to Many Popular Destinations

Next Friday the summer holidays kick off in Hesse and several other German states. Frankfurt Airport has prepared for the expected surge in traffic by introducing a wide range of measures to help protect travelers and staff from infection. Passenger volumes have already been gradually rising for several weeks – and, although summer holidays may be different in many respects this year, it’s still possible to get to them by plane.

The airlines are resuming services to many popular spots in the sun, with flights to more distant places gradually joining those to destinations within Europe. “The approach that our airport and the airlines are taking to mitigate the risk of infection has been designed with this trend in mind,” stresses Thomas Kirner, who heads the airport’s passenger services department. “By requiring everyone to wear face coverings and implementing many other measures, we’ve paved the way for vacationers to safely begin their trips. There’s no need for anyone to miss out on their well-deserved holidays. Like everywhere else these days, they just have to follow the rules. In addition to keeping their faces covered, as far as possible they should keep a distance of at least one and a half meters from others.”

Travelers can visit the Frankfurt Airport website to get comprehensive information on how to protect themselves from infection. There is also a videoshowing how the travel process now works in response to the pandemic. “Many things haven’t changed,” says Kirner, comparing the 2020 holiday season with those of preceding years. “They include checking in online before leaving home, getting to the airport early, heading straight for the security checkpoint after dropping off your luggage, and only taking one carry-on bag per person into the aircraft cabin.” More tips are available here. They include booking a parking space near the terminal in advance―even if it’s just for one day―to facilitate the arrival and save time and money. The QR code received lets travelers conveniently drive into the parking facility without touching anything. It’s also still advisable to keep in mind what may and may not be packed in checked luggage and carried into the aircraft cabin. “Please get information ahead of time,” he admonishes, “because all of the usual security rules still apply. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises at the security check and make sure everything goes smoothly.”

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Before leaving home, passengers should also make sure they have everything they need to protect themselves during their journey. “All travelers who are at least six years old need to wear a face-covering from the moment they enter the airport,” says Kirner, adding that face masks, sanitizer for on-board use, and all other travel accessories can be purchased in shops at the airport. Now there are even vending machines selling personal protection products in Concourse B of Terminal 1. Finally, Kirner warns that “nobody should travel if they are ill or feel unwell. Our medical center right next to Terminal 1 is available to help in case anyone has health concerns.” He also points out that “eating and drinking are allowed throughout the terminal. Food is available for purchase and consumption at the airport, and face masks may be removed for this purpose.”