Fiavet President Pleads for Restart of Cruise Tourism

Fiavet (the Italian Federation of Travel Agents) declared its support for cruise tourism – an important sector of the Italian tourism industry with a turnover of 45 billion euros distributed largely through travel agencies – underlining that they can no longer be left standing.

“We are leaders in Europe in the cruise sector, and operators are just waiting to get out of the blockade imposed by COVID-19 with all due caution,” said the President of Fiavet, Ivana Jelinic, “Their restart would give impetus to our activity.”

The federation reiterated that the protocols developed by the various cruise companies “are very strict, and scrupulously agreed with the MIT that it could, therefore, kick off in a period of time that would not start immediately, but would increase, through the demand, the volume of business of the agencies  that are recording a -80% turnover, provided they have managed to open.

“We have to think, in fact, that there are specialized cruise agencies that have their main support from this sector; others integrated or participated by the cruise companies themselves that can no longer wait,” Jelinic added.

The Fiavet President concluded with the hope that “the government will give its approval as soon as possible to the restart of the cruise world for the month of August, given that an agreement has been reached on the rules to be adopted.”