A Tourism Hero: Agnes Mucuha of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents

Agnes Mucuha is the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents in Nairobi, and she is now a tourism hero and was added to www.heroes.travel .

She told eTurboNews today: “It is with great humility that I am writing to accept my nomination to the International Hall of Tourism Heroes. I am deeply honored to know that my fellow industry colleague felt me worthy of such an important recognition.

“I commit to continue making contributions to the recovery of the travel and tourism industry through strategic leadership and engagement with stakeholders at all levels as we promote the recovery for safer tourism.

“The travel and tourism industry is a strong industry that connects with many sectors in its value chain, creating jobs and numerous opportunities for investors and bringing hope to many lives that directly or indirectly benefit from this industry.

“I look forward to a closer collaboration with the rebuilding.travel initiatives in our mission to leverage technology and innovation as the catalyst for the recovery of the sector.”

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Agnes Mucuha was nominated by:

  1. Josephine Kuria, Lordstown Travel Group Ltd.: Mrs. Agnes has the qualities of a good leader which include integrity, empathy, humility, influence, and positivity. She is good at reading people and adapting to necessary management styles.
  2. Stephen Mbatha, Emirates: Agnes has been very instrumental in building a strong collaboration with industry stakeholders; important to note she has bridged the gap between the Ministry of Tourism, Travel Agents, and the Airlines. She has brought harmony to the Travel Industry here in Kenya during the pre- and Post-COVID-19 pandemic. I must applaud her for arranging a series of webinars during the COVID-19 pandemic in these platforms Airlines have showcased the measure put in place in the wake of the pandemic; some of the objectives have been and not limited to: •Key O&Ds that Agents can sell based on the current schedule that provides connectivity to destinations in under 5 hrs and also in under 8 hrs. This is key as the current data trends are depicting strong recoveries in such destinations – total journey time is a major concern for travelers •Information on group bookings travel protocols. •Focus on F/J travel in terms of COVID-19 features that have been extended for these travelers will aid Agents in articulating the same to the Corporate segment. •Baggage allowance – data trends have demonstrated a strong recovery amongst the trader segment, and the key USPs for this segment? Refunds policy and key Pricing guidelines post-COVID-19.
    I nominate Agnes to the International Hall of Tourism Heroes; she deserves it.
  3. Esther Mynyiri, Kenyatta University: I warmly nominate Ms. Agnes Mucuha as an International Hall of Tourism Hero.
  4. Nafisa Salim, Emirates
  5. Lenny Malasi, Uganda Airlines
  6. Moses Omusamiah: Agnes has shown outstanding leadership in KATA since she took over at the helm of the organization. We as an industry are experiencing more energized and re-imagined engagements under her leadership. This has really gone a long way to ensure Industry Players are sufficiently empowered and hence make Kenya a vibrant market. I do hereby highly recommend Agnes Mucuha for this award.

The Tourism Hero Award is a recognition by rebuilding.travel and World Tourism United under the chairmanship of Dr. Taleb Rifai, former Secretary General of UNWTO; by Dr. Peter Tarlow, Safer Tourism; and by Juergen Steinmetz, CEO of the Travel News Group.

Juergen Steinmetz said, “We’re pleased to recognize Agnes who has been showing true leadership going this extra step during this difficult situation our sector is trying to master.”

For more information and nomination go to www.heroes.travel