Skål International Elections and Awards 2020 Results

During the virtual Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, October 17, 2020, Skål International Elections took place and delegates voted their new Executive Board for 2021:

•             Vice President Bill Rheaume (Canadian Rockies, Canada) becomes the President Elect, while Directors Burcin Turkkan (Atlanta, USA) was elected to the position of Senior Vice President and Fiona Nicholl (Cairns, Australia) was elected to the position of Junior Vice President

•             Juan Ignacio Steta (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico) and Marja Eela-Kaskinen (Turku, Finland) are the new Directors elected and Rafael Millan Perez (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico) is the new Auditor.

•             Zlatan Fröhlich (Zagreb, Croatia) and William Moyer (Washington D.C., U.S.A.) were bestowed the Membre d’Honneur distinction.


The International Skål Council welcomes their new Skål
Council Board:

•             President: Denise Scrafton (Australia).

•             Vice Presidents: Julie Dabaly-Scott (Kenya) and Jean-François Coté (Canada).


Past-President Hulya Aslantas (Istanbul, Turkey) has been
appointed as the new Trustee and joins Past-Presidents Tony Clegg-Butt
(Nairobi, Kenya), who becomes the Coordinating Trustee, and Mok Singh (Los
Angeles, USA) in this endeavour.


•             Order of Skål Merit: Denis Smith, Skål International Winnipeg, Canada.

•             Corporate Order of Skål Merit: Best Western International and Nepal Tourism Board (first Skål International Destination of the Year (SIDY).

•             Skålleague of the Year: Jean François Coté, Skål International Quebec, Canada.

•             Skål Ambassador of the Year: Roger Dow, Skål International Washington D.C., USA.

•             Skål Future Leader of the Year: Beverly Nanchen, Skål International Perth, Australia.

Skål Special Awards for 2020 (“For going that Extra Mile
in this Unprecedented year”):

•             Andrew
Wood, Skål International Bangkok, Thailand.

•             Steve
Richer, Skål International Washington D.C., USA.

•             Juergen
Thomas Steinmetz
, Skål International Dusseldorf, Germany.

•             Leighton
Cameron, Skål International Christchurch, New Zealand.

•             Mario
Sequeira, Skål International Goa, India.

•             Emre
Gezgin, Skål International Izmir, Turkey.

•             Vernon
Kirsten, Skål International Cape Town, South Africa.

•             Antonio
Percario, Skål International Roma, Italy.

•             Windy
Yan, Skål International Taipei.

•             Valmiki
Hari Kishan, Skål International Hyderabad, India.

•             John
Bright, Skål International Southampton, UK.

•             Skål
International Europe Area Committee.

•             Daniela
Otero, CEO, Skål International.

•             Yolanda
Sánchez, General Secretariat, Skål International.

•             Esther
Romero, General Secretariat, Skål International.

•             Sandra
Vera, General Secretariat, Skål International.

•             Ana Maria
Vera, General Secretariat, Skål International.

•             Mercedes
Canedo, General Secretariat, Skål International.


•             Winner of the Skål Club of the Year Award 2019/2020: Skål International Goa, India.

•             Second position: Skål International Izmir, Turkey.

•             Third position: Skål International Perth, Australia.

The winner is entitled to a double free Congress
Registration to the Quebec Skål World Congress in 2021.


For the first time ever, we have not only considered the
percentage increase to determine the winners but also a net increase in

Therefore, two awards were presented in each category, based
on the membership figures recorded at the General Secretariat on 1 October 2019
and 30 September 2020.

The Clubs having won the Silver awards are entitled to a
Euros 250 reduction for the Quebec 2021 Skål World Congress.

Percentage Increase Awards

•             Platinum Award: Skål International Lanzarote, Spain.

•             Gold Award: Skål International Accra, Ghana.

•             Silver Award: Skål International Guadalajara, Mexico.

Net Increase Awards

•             Platinum Award: Skål International Côte d’Azur, France.

•             Gold Award: Skål International Goa, India.

•             Silver Award: Skål International Lanzarote, Spain.


The winners of the Skål International Sustainable Tourism
Awards 2020 (STA) were also announced at the AGA and full information can be
found here.


Skål International World Congress 2021

Québec, Canada was reconfirmed as the 2021 Skål
International Congress site. 

Presentation Skål International Québec, Canada

Skål International World Congress 2022

Kvarner, Croatia, was selected to host the 2022 Skål
International World Congress. 

Presentation Kvarner, Croatia