Bermuda Tourism is Busy: A Secret Revealed

Bermuda is only 90 minutes flight from the US East Coast and about 7 hours away from London, but is seems to be a world apart and a paradise on earth when it comes to COVID-19

World Tourism Network members yesterday heard from Glenn Jones. Glenn is the Interim CEO at Bermuda Tourism Authority

He was invited by WTN Member Cordell Riley, the Managing Director of Profiles of Bermuda to a panel discussion on Profiles of Bermuda is a firm that conducts human resource assessments, training, and development, as well as the market, business, and tourism research.

The Island country of less than 63,000 population currently only has 177 active cases of COVID-19 with 4 serious cases. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, Bermuda suffered 161 death per million compared to 1,650 Belgium recorded or 1028 for the US, or 1040 for the UK.

Tourism is an important economy factor for the island of 26 square miles , and is functioning well. Bermuda Tourism comes with a price tag, but it’s well worth it.

Glenn and Cordell explain how Bermuda is still successful in its travel and tourism industry with visitors mostly from the United States and the UK.

Watch how: