Tested positive a week after receiving both Pfizer vaccine shots

He is a US congressman and supporter of US President Trump. He received two Pfizer COVID-19 shots and waited a week. Today he tested positive for Coronavirus

How effective is the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer? Developed in a fast track of approval, US Congressman has a lot of questions after receiving the vaccine and was tested positive.

Pfizer and BioTech promised the COVID-19 vaccine process will be finalized one week after the second shot of the vaccine.

This today has been shown of being not true when the US Representative Stepeh F. Lynch was tested positive for Coronavirus. He remains asymptomatic and feels fine, according to his own saying.

The Democratic US Representative received his vaccine prior to attending the inauguration for US President Biden.

He received his second shot more than a week ago.

A staff member in the Congressman’s Boston office had tested positive earlier in the week, triggering today’s test of the congressman.

The vaccine is supposed to be 95% effective in preventing infection, and experts have cautioned that even those who have been vaccinated run the risk of becoming infected.

Is this a blow to the trustworthiness of the Pfizer vaccine or a coincident of the 5% ineffectiveness rate?