Secret from Hawaii: All natural fight against COVID-19

Hawaii has been a leader in the world in renewable energy and everything that is natural.
Therefore it’s not surprising a new all natural response to COVID-19 sanitation comes from the Aloha State.

Hotels are spending millions on sanitizing rooms. Once a room is deep-cleaned, it takes often 2 days before the room can be made available again. The reason is: Chemicals are used for disinfection.

Infrared is another option, but not too many hotels are using it. A start-up company in Hawaii developed a solution – and it’s all-natural, inexpensive, not toxic, and highly effective.

Dustin Hara and Benjamen Tongson had an idea and called it HIRO Systems. There is a chance HIRO can turn to be a HERO also for the travel and tourism industry.

Airlines, hotels, shops, but also households are forced to disinfect constantly. Using chemicals may not always be the healthiest and most cost-effective alternative. Ultra-red is a good solution, but an all-natural approach based on tap water, salt, and vinegar may become the new standard – made in Hawaii.

Dustin said: “In the midst of the pandemic that began last year, we made a decision that we needed to do something to help our families, friends, and local small businesses, churches, schools, and state departments get through the frightful times with peace of mind. We were able to officially open our doors and launch our local company and brand, HIRO™ Systems & Solutions. “

HIRO is high tech, easy to use, food safe and completely non-toxic sanitization systems and solution that remediate the COVID-19 along with many, many other pathogens, viral agents, micro-organisms, mold and mildew. The system has been to provide safe and credible sanitization systems and solutions

Dustin added: “With COVID-19 cases on the rise and mutant variations of the virus popping up, I know for a fact that everyone is searching for answers and a way to get back their “normal” during these crazy times. It’s a New Year and it’s time for us to come together and work as an Ohana both locally and throughout the USA.”—Hawaiian-Style-epqffl

Here are some links to a few features that we were able to do in partnership with KITV and THINK TECH HAWAII:

  • Non-toxic, dry cloud aerial sanitization up to 40k sq feet in minutes.
  • Proven to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungus.
  • The dri cloud does no damage to electronics or personal documents.
  • A perfect ever-present weapon against the virus.
  • Remains in the air and total space for hours after an application.

Watch a news summary for February 1 followed by an amazing revelation by HIRO CEO Dustin Hara: