Thailand’s surprising new COVID Restrictions start on Sunday

In Thailand alarming new COVID-19 restrictions are put in place effective Sunday.

  • Thailand recently made enormous efforts to reopen its travel and tourism industry, and the largest increase in infection is bad news.
  • Today’s announcement to strengthen COVID-19 restrictions are surprising and alarming
  • What new restrictions mean is summarized in the article explaining stipulations put in place by the Kingdom’s central government

Thailand registered the largest increase in infections in one single day since the outbreak of COVID-19

Friday 1547 people were infected in the Kingdom, 2 died in the country of close to 70 Million people. Globally Thailand is only number 194 in infections, and number 200 in death in the world, making it a relatively safe country. Health authorities in Thailand are not taking a chance.

The Thai government has declared the highest control zones in 18 provinces, including the Bangkok Metropolitan Area, and implemented high control zones in the remaining provinces nationwide, CCSA spokesperson Taweesilp Visanuyothin announced this afternoon, April 16th.

The so-called red zoned provinces are Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Tak, Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phuket, Rayong, Songkhla, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Sa Kaeo, Suphan Buri, and Udon Thani.

According to the announcement, all provinces must conduct strict regulations as follows:

  • Closures of classrooms and buildings at all schools and educational institutions, except for exams in international schools and for other potential use under the requirements of the Disease Control Act
  • Closure of nightlife venues and entertainment venues countrywide, including pubs, bars, and massage parlors (soapies), in all provinces for at least 14 days
  • Closure of department stores and shopping malls at 9:00 PM.
  • Closure of amusement parks as well as game zones, playgrounds, and similar attractions in all department stores
  • No teaching and learning in a classroom at all in educational institutions
  • No large gathering and events for more than 50 people without permission from the public health provincial office
  • No selling alcoholic beverages in all serving places/restaurants
  • All restaurants must limit the number of customers according to social distancing measures and must follow social distancing restrictions strictly

Red-zoned provinces must conduct strict regulations as follows:

  • Closure of all restaurants for dining-in at 9:00 PM. Takeaway can be allowed until 11:00 PM.
  • Closure of supermarkets and convenience stores at 11:00 PM. These places can be reopened at 4:00 AM.
  • Closure of fitness centers, sports stadiums, and gyms at 9:00 PM. Competitions can take place but must be limited with the number of audiences according to social distancing measures
  • Prohibition of selling alcoholic beverages in all serving places

Orange-zoned provinces must conduct strict regulations as follows:

  • Similar to the red-zones regulations, except that the closure of all restaurants for dining-in at 11:00 PM.

All measures will be put in effect this Sunday, April 18th, and will initially last for at least two weeks, until the end of April. Despite no curfew or travel restrictions implementations, people are being highly advised to limit their movement and conduct “Work From Home” as much as possible.

Governors have the ability to strengthen rules but not weaken then and governors are expected to meet to discuss this in the next day or so. Some provinces could have additional rules as a result.