American Airports: Where are they now and what lies ahead?

The President of the Meehan Aviation Group, Deborah Meehan, recently spoke with a prestigious leadership group to talk about what COVID-19 has meant to airports.

  1. The CEO of the Allegheny County Airport Authority shares her conversation with US President Joe Biden.
  2. How has the hub for aggressive American Airlines, DFW International, fared over the past year as the second largest and second most profitable hub in the US?
  3. When Las Vegas shut down, McCarran International Airport shut down, so recovery has had to start from ground zero.

On the panel of leaders from American Airports were Christina Cassotis, Chief Executive Officer of the Allegheny County Airport Authority; Sean Donohue, CEO of DFW International Airport; and Rosemary Vassiliadis. Director of Aviation for Clark County in Nevada.

During this CAPA – Centre for Aviation event, Deborah Meehan opened the discussion saying: We’re not going to spend a lot of time unless people want to, to talk about the last year. I think we’ve all lived it, some of us in our underwear, and we’ve had about as much of this as we can take. So what I would like to largely talk about is, where you are now and what you’re thinking. And I’m going to have an opening question for each of the panelists.

So for Christina Cassotis, as I’ve said to her before, throughout her life, all of life is timing and Christina masters timing. She’s made a recent announcement that she is indeed building the new terminal. And she got a chance to talk about that with President Biden, who I must say that I’m jealous of that conversation, Christina. And I wondered if you would open with what it was like to make that decision. Talk to President Biden, whatever you want to say about that.