Jamaica Tourism Minister: Building Forward Stronger – Tourism 2021 and Beyond

The Jamaica Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, made a presentation during the 2021-2022 sectoral debate on the topic: Building Forward Stronger: Tourism 2021 and Beyond.

  1. The Minister’s presentation focused primarily on innovative techniques to rebuild tourism, which has been significantly impacted by COVID-19.
  2. The first official reported case of the COVID-19 virus was in early December 2019 causing the first wave of an impact on global economies.
  3. Globally, travel and tourism suffered a massive loss of almost US$4.5 trillion in 2020.

Read the presentation of Tourism Minister Hon. Edmund Bartlett on Jamaica Tourism 2021 and Beyond in its entirety.

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Madam Speaker, I am humbled to have been granted the privilege of serving the citizens of our beloved country for another year. I am heartened by the positive outpouring of support from members on both sides of this Honorable House, as together we work to move our people from poverty to prosperity during what has been a very difficult year for Jamaica and the entire world.

My presentation, on this my 32nd occasion addressing this Honorable House, will focus primarily on the strides we have made, using innovative techniques, to rebuild our industry, which has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Madam Speaker, it is a great privilege to be elected as a representative of the people and to be given this tremendous responsibility of building forward stronger, our nation’s key industry – tourism. I, therefore, begin by thanking God for blessing me with the health and strength to provide the leadership required to fulfil this role with much success.