Open Up! Italy rocked Europe in Rotterdam winning Eurovision

Music and Tourism goes hand in hand and Rotterdam was the center of it all last night.
The Eurovision 2021 was a welcome return for the continent-wide song contest.

  1. Eurovision is the prime music contest in Europe.
  2. The 2021 event with 3000 spectators was hosted by Rotterdam, The Netherlands Saturday night
  3. The winner is Italy, followed by France and Switzerland

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 took place in Rotterdam despite COVID-19 and under the Slogan “Open Up”

Held in Rotterdam after a year’s postponement, the reduced but typically crazed audience were delighted to witness a true smorgasbord of talent.

Obviously, it was a mixed bag. But there’s no doubt that it was good to have it back.

Rotterdam hosted the event after Duncan Laurence, who couldn’t perform live this year due to testing positive for COVID, won the 2019 gala.

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