Eswatini Peaceful After Kingdom Experienced Violent Protests

The Kingdom of Eswatini is usually known to be peaceful, stable and just recently became the host of the African Tourism Board. This landlocked African country turned into chaos after protests broke out. Security seems to have been reinstated.

  1. Mbabane, the capital city of the Kingdom of Eswatini is quiet with hardly any traffic and people on the street. Security forces seemed to be in control again after what some say was a chaotic situation.
  2. Mostly young protesters demanded Eswatini implement political reforms and allow political parties. They are requesting for His Majesty King Mswati to surrender his absolute powers and appoint a Prime Minister to run the country.
  3. Eswatini is known as a peaceful country, and people with a big heart. The African Tourism Board made Eswatini their home earlier this month helping with a giant upcoming cultural event.

The country has been facing protests for several days in at least 10 different places, forcing the police to disperse protestors with tear gas and live ammunition, leading to injuries.

It was reported that His Majesty King Mswati III left the country. The acting prime minister Themba Masuku issued a government statement denying this, promising an update on the situation today.


Cuthbert Ncube, the Chairman of the African Tourism Board is currently in Eswatini and talked to eTurboNews earlier: “The situation in the capital city has been brought under control. The army was called in.”

Ncube said: “We continue with our engagements with the committee team that was assigned by the Minister to lead and overlook the program preparations for the 2022 Continental’ Cultural Festival where we expecting more than 25 Member States discerning in the Kingdom of Eswatini to showcase the rich diversity of the African pride in Arts and Culture.

I had a conversation with the Minister of Tourism Hon Vilakati who is in high spirit and committed his undivided support to this great initiative to bring Africa together that was initiated by the Minister himself collaborating with UNESCO and Partnered with the African Tourism Board.“

“Post Covid ATB is committed to rebranding and positioning the Continent as the most desired investment and Tourist Destination of choice.”

This was echoed by the Hon. Minister of Tourism Moses Vilakati. He told eTurboNews: “There is some unrest caused by the youth. The forces are now controlling it.”

The protests, in which trucks were torched and looted, flared up several days ago after the monarchy and government issued a decree banning the delivery of petitions that called for democratic reforms, Swaziland News reported.

The Eswatini leader rules the country as an absolute monarch and he is the one who chooses the prime minister, ministers, judges and civil servants.

Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland is usually known as a peaceful country.
The African Tourism Board just made Eswatini their new home, and the country is planning a giant cultural festival to relaunch its travel and tourism industry.

It can be hoped that the current calm can remain. Sources told eTurboNews “There are external forces bringing in ammunition. ”

It should be understood the Kingdom of Eswatini is recognizing Taiwan and is the only country in the region.