Rome Has a New Bridge: Unfinished Project of Michelangelo Now Finished

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  1. The bridge, 18 meters long, is entirely made of cardboard and held in suspension by three large balloons.
  2. This is the result of the genius of the French artist Olivier Grossetete on the initiative of the French Embassy together with the Institut Francais Italia.
  3. The group Webuild also supported this project in collaboration with Villa Farnesina-Accademia dei Lincei.

The Ponte Farnese, named “Ponte tra le Epoche,” (Bridge between Epoch) was inaugurated on the evening of July 13, 2021, with the lifting of the work in the stretch of the Tiber near Ponte Sisto. It will remain suspended at a height of 18 meters until July 18, when it will be uninstalled and the cardboard used for the construction – all entirely recycled.

Construction was carried out in a sort of “flying” construction site with workshops open to people of all ages and with the guidelines of the French artist and in the presence of his team.

Grossetète is not new to this type of temporary architecture. They have installed similar works in France, Spain, China, and Russia.