Tourist attacked, killed, eaten by a hungry bear while hiking in a National Park

Visitors were trying to survive in hiking barefeet for 7 hours
  1. eTurboNews published a list of the most dangerous National Parks in the United States, but nothing can come close to what happened to a group of visitors from Moscow hiking at Ergaki Nature Park, a National Park in Siberia.
  2. Ergaki is a mountain range in the Western Sayan Mountains in southern Siberia, Russia. The highest point is peak Zvyozdniy. Ergaki Nature Park is a protected area that contains the mountain range.
  3. A Russian camper from Moscow who was unpacking his tent in this Siberian national park was killed and eaten by a brown bear, while his friends were watching in horror.

The tourist who was eaten by this hungry brown bear was identified locally as Yevgeny Starkov, 42.

He traveled with a group of our tourists from Moscow and was trekking in the popular Ergaki National Park in Krasnoyarsk, in south-central Russia.

Three hikers in the same group managed to flee without their shoes on. They went on a seven-hour hike, bare feet, and chased by a wild and deadly bear, to find help.

Ergaki Nature Park is blessed with unparalleled mountain scenery nestled in the heart of the magnificent Wester Sayan mountains.

Each year thousands of visitors come to Ergaki to see wonderful pristine nature, to marvel at flower-filled heavens and crystal clear lakes at valleys, enjoy striking set of peaks, stunning rock formations, and sweeping vistas.

With diverse scenery packed into a compact area, Ergaki Nature Park is a brilliant place to experience hiking, trekking, climbing, snowboarding, cross-country, and mountain skiing.

People come to this fabulous Park in search of harmony and serenity.

Park management had posted on its website: “A trip to the Ergaki nature park will inspire you to make a lot of wonderful pictures and give unforgettable impressions.”

After this deadly incident, the park was closed until November for safety reasons.

One of the survivors told a local news agency, that they watched their friend get eaten before fleeing further into the forest after the bear caught sight of them. 

The Russian Ministry of Ecology and the park administration apprehended the animal and killed it. Investigations are ongoing as to the circumstances of the event. 

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