Visitors can expect new Travel Restrictions for Hawaii

How safe is it to vacation in Hawaii?

  1. Hawaii has been going through its highest numbers of COVID infection since the begin of the pandemic. This high number is despsite the fact that 60.8% of the State’s population is fully vaccinated.
  2. Record numbers of domestic visitors arrive every day in the Aloha State, keeping hotels, shops and restaurants full.
  3. Why would so many people want to visit Hawaii. Even the Hawaii Tourism Authority doesn’t know and keeps quiet, trying to find ways to discourage tourists to travel to the Aloha State.

COVID infection rates are currently out of control in the US State of Hawaii – and this is worrisome.

“We need to really lower our case counts now through Labor Day, otherwise there will be an unnecessary and tragic loss of life,” Green said in a Facebook and Instagram post this morning.

Lt. Governor Green was echoed by Hawaii Governor David Ige who indicated a re-introduction of restrictions may be in the pipeline. He said an announcement could be made by Friday. Expected restrictions could lower the number of people allowed to meet, at events, hanging out at beaches, restaurants, and shops.

In the worst scenario, it could force venues to close again.

This would be bad news for a booming tourism industry currently in the State. While closed for international travel, domestic tourism has been higher now compared to pre-covid numbers.

Even with the enormous increase in infection numbers, the fatality rate has been low so far.

On Sunday one person died and 437 cases were recorded, and 9 more people were hospitalized bringing the hospitalization count to 2848.

The latest Hawaii COVID-19 vaccine summary says 1,784,678 vaccine doses have been administered through state and federal distribution programs as of Sunday, up 10,118 from Friday. Health officials say that 60.8% of the state’s population is now fully vaccinated, and 68.3% have received at least one dose.

Visitors have to pass the Safe Travel program before being allowed to enter Hawaii.

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